How to Work with Gen Z?

Sunny Samanta

7th Jan'22
How to Work with Gen Z? | OpenGrowth

Generation Z or Gen Z are making great strides in business, but are you managing the members of that group in the best possible way? It should be understood that each generation is unique; the founders and leaders must therefore look to adapt the management style to make the most of it. Gen Z is, basically, anyone born after 1997. They can be very different from Millennials. They have had different life experiences that made them who they are today, which can also affect their perception of companies and their behavior at work. It, therefore, becomes imperative to try to understand them. After all, only they can work alongside them seamlessly and get the most out of it for your business. So here are some ways you can understand and work with Gen Z.


6 Ways to Work with Gen Z

Following are six effective ways that you can apply while working with Gen Z to ensure effective productivity and value out of them:


Work with Generation Z


1. Give Them Timely Feedbacks

Generation Z wants regular and effective feedback on their performance. Their functionality comes from the fact that they are used to receiving real-time updates from their circle of friends and being in touch with the events around them. Also, thanks to the presence of social media and the Google search engine, Gen Z has all the information they want at their fingertips, so they can already gauge their performance in real-time. Hence, if you offer feedback for an annual performance review, you will have a hard time keeping their morale and productivity high. Therefore, trade in the annual performance review for regular performance feedback such as weekly or monthly feedback. Communicate with your Gen Z employees and let them know how they are doing currently and where they can improve. It will make them feel valued and motivate them to be better.


Generation Z


2. Offer Them Good Career Opportunities

If there's anything Gen Z hates, it's that they get stuck in some development process. As they are a rapidly ever-changing generation and want a job that meets their development and growth needs, it is challenging to keep them motivated. However, you can easily keep them motivated if you come up with a good career development plan for them. According to several surveys conducted, almost 37% of respondents said personal growth and learning opportunities are Gen Z's top priorities when looking for a job. Hence, you can easily motivate Generation Z employees by offering them a clear career path of development: establishing achievable and ambitious OKRs.


3. Develop Interpersonal Bonding

While Gen Zs can spend most of their time communicating with each other online, they crave physical interactions every now and then as it helps in fostering and strengthening bonds. In this way, leaders can effectively create a tense environment in which they can work with Gen Z efficiently. The process also helps to effectively motivate Gen Z at work, engage them in face-to-face conversations, develop a physical relationship with each other, and bridge the gap between the employee and the employer. In addition, the design of the desk plays a big role in this. For example, arranging your office, cafe, or common space with the right setup can increase social interactions and collaboration within the company. Corporate parties, team-building activities, or happy hours can also help create a fun and relaxed environment. Also, avoid mispronouncing someone's name.


Flexible Work Timing


4. Flexible Work Timing

Gen Zers are used to the convenience of the online world. They don't care much about excessive stress and like to do things conveniently. So it's no wonder that “work” has become one of the latest trends in the workplace. Among Gen Z, the ability to work remotely has also proven to be an effective way to keep Gen Z motivated to work. Not having to limit yourself to the traditional 9 to 5 setting further gives them a sense of freedom to work in a committed manner where they can balance their professional life while avoiding professional burnout. Implementing flexible work models, including work from home or hybrid work from home, can keep Gen Z motivated and healthy enough to be productive at their jobs.




5. Embrace Social Media

Social media and technology are at the heart and soul of a typical Gen Z person. They are integrated into their way of life and in many ways, such as digital natives. Hence, they expect it everywhere and that includes even at work. Let technology be their motivation to work. Several leading startups have taken up influencer marketing platforms, have adopted HR software to eliminate paperwork and manual processes. Some even have implemented several cutting-edge platforms for different departments: Hubspot for marketing, Jira for engineering, Mixpanel for the product team. Not only do we increase team productivity, but we also give GenZ persons what they are most good at.


6. Promote Diversity and Inclusivity

It's no mystery how much diversity means to this current generation. Generation Z is the most tolerant and diverse generation. They find it inspiring to be able to share ideas and interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures. By fostering diversity and inclusion in your business, you encourage Gen Z to take more interest in your business affairs. You become a more attractive prospect for Gen Z talent, and Gen Z employees if you use mentorship at work which will make them happy in the workplace.


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