How To Write An Email Explaining Your Startup

Isha Panwar

23rd Mar'21

There will be times when you have to explain about your startup, its domain, investment, and future proceedings while looking for a collaboration or investment or bringing in new clients. Whatever the reason is, there’s no science or mantra that will guarantee new customers while explaining your startup, but there are certainly ways to encourage growth. To start with, master the etiquette of introductory email.


How To Write An Email Explaining Your Startup


How to introduce your company to a new client

● Actually Keep Track of Existing Customers and Hot Leads

● Revamp Your Marketing & Sales Emails

● Leverage Your Social Media

● Make Phone Calls

● Offer Referral Credits

● Write Thank You Notes

● Fill Your Website With Testimonials

● Offer a Free Trial

● Forge Partnerships


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How to introduce your startup in an email

Make the subject line clear and short. Don't call it Intro. Call it: Intro TO/FROM, where TO is the person you are trying to connect with, and FROM is your name and company name. 


While explaining you are a startup, write two clear paragraphs, including:

● Introduction: Your name and name of your company, including URL

● Business: 2-3 sentences about your business & why it's interesting

● Traction: 1-2 sentences about your traction/customers you have / progress you made. The last part is why you want to connect and ask.


If this is an email to the investor:

● Why: Looking for feedback, or connecting because you have a background.

● Ask: Could we have a quick 15 min call? Or, Could I get more feedback on this via email? 


If you are looking for a business introduction:

● Why: Looking for feedback or think you may be interested in our product

● Ask: Could we do a quick 15 min call? Or, Could I get more feedback via email? The result is just two paragraphs that are easy to understand and are actionable. 


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Startup introduction email sample


My name is Sudeshna, and I am the CEO of ElectroTechoes. We are building automation software for the help desk. With Prime agents can save 50% of the time answering requests, cut down on manual tasks, and help businesses save money.

Our customers include Yelp, CircuitNet, Plated, Stripe, and others. We'd love to show you our solution, get feedback, and see if it might be a fit for your organization. Please let me know if you'd like to schedule a brief demo call next week.


Sudeshna Dutta.

CEO of ElectroTechoes

Contact: 123456


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