Hyper regional Cuisines and Haute Cuisine

Hyper regional Cuisines and Haute Cuisine | OpenGrowth

What is Hyper Local Cuisine?

In terms of food, hyperlocal means a dish that has a majority or all of its ingredients grown, raised or otherwise cultivated by the restaurant itself. This can include everything from a salad containing greens grown in a restaurant’s own garden to brewpubs that offer their customers beer brewed on-site.

This approach can be seen as a form of vertical integration, a type of business organization where a company that makes products owns its supply chain. In this format, a business produces its own raw materials and then turns them into a final product. Hyperlocal sourcing allows restaurants to follow a similar workflow.


Hyper Regional Cuisines


Hyperlocal is already a popular idea in the restaurant world, with FSR magazine ranking it as the top conceptual trend of 2017 among full-service restaurants. Beating out a variety of similar concepts, like locally sourced produce and simple, back-to-basics menus, it’s clear there’s an overall push for restaurants to create meals using local ingredients.

This year we will see chefs going deep into the roots of regional cuisines, also called hyper-regional cuisine. So instead of cuisines like Punjabi, Awadhi, South Indian, we should look out for trends like Bori food, Indore street food, Kolhapuri food and even Yucatan and Oaxaca cuisine instead of your conventional Mexican food.

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What is Haute Cuisine?

Haute cuisine is French for food cooked by skilled chefs, or is defined as the very fancy style of cooking by those chefs. The modern guest who visits the restaurant does not only come to eat the food but also looks forward to a complete experience. With social media handles paving the way for people to post where they have been and what they have been eating, unique experiential dining leaves a huge footprint on the global food scenario.

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