ILT Courses Converted To eLearning Courses

Supriti Tripathy

12th Sep'21

The pandemic brought in the need for a collaboration of the education system with technology (Edtech). Online learning was already available for day scholars and distant students, but after the offline sessions halted almost completely, it gained its pace. But the audience of e-learning courses is not limited – they expand to sophomores to professionals to senior executives. The intention behind taking up a course may vary from person to person. 

It is challenging to match the Interactive learning aspect of ILT courses on online platforms. However, it is not impossible. With several tools to play their roles and innovative strategies, a trainer can deploy an ILT course to a full-fledged e-learning course. So before we jump into the plan involved in this process, understand the need for conversion.




Why Convert?

E-learning courses are on-demand for a variety of factors, some being:


How much do you spend on attending classroom training? It is, of course, more than the online classroom portals. The cost you let go in Elearning classes are the commutation cost, personal cost, and other miscellaneous charges. The course fee is the only charge for online courses.



Hybrid Learning is another form that relieves student load for the learning type they wish to take. Also, to take up an online course, all you need is good connectivity and a smart gadget! Ain't that much trouble to have both anyway, right?


Remote Learning

Access the course from anywhere, and you are good to go! It is one of the super benefits of Elearning business. Also, the documentation of the course implies anytime accessibility.


Innovation at the core

ILT courses through impactful use a lot of resources and take up more time and effort to deliver effectively. However, providing e-learning courses needs some creativity, like converting monotonous presentations to animated instructions supported by assignments at the end. Practical online courses can be very interactive too.


Reduction of Wastage

Face-to-face classes involve a lot of stationery and paperwork throughout the year. These papers become a waste later on. Digitization benefits us as everything is eco-friendly and wastage is minimal.


Time Saver

Classroom sessions take in about double the time you spend in online sessions. The reason for it is the direct interaction with each trainee and the fact that the course is readily available. It mainly depends on the pace of the learners.


Tips for Converting ILT Course to E-learning Course

When you go about the method, you must remember it is not only deploying the Powerpoint presentation to the online portal for successful conversion. There are other aspects to it. Let's look at some examples.


Follow the ADDIE Model

ADDIE stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The model is prevalent among instructional designers. In converting the ILT course to an online equivalent, understand every phase of the model. The content is already present, so that it may take less time for the complete conversion.


Modify According to your Audience

Online courses are top-rated among executives because they are at a point in their careers where they value self-learning. But school and university students resorting to e-learning courses can be strenuous because most love interactive sessions. So, modify the content according to your audience. Include a set of graphics and quick verbal assignments at the end of each module to help students grasp the course easily.


Convert Live Demos to Easy Graphic Instructions

It is not easy to keep the audience interested in online sessions for long with a simple course structure. Involve some explicit instructions giving an exciting notion to the concepts. You can also make groups and invite them over to Zoom meetings for discussion after completing a course successfully. Involve online tools for an impactful session.


Scenario-Based Assignments

Role-plays are effective classroom training techniques that you cannot use for online sessions. Scenario-based cases are the best replacement here. You can build a story revolving around a real-time case and help the student analyze the situation through a set of questions. It will ensure clarity and will indulge the audience extensively on the subject matter.


Games and Videos

Everyone loves fun learning, and games are the easiest ways to catch the students' attention. Use softwares like Adventure Creator to develop small graphic games that resonate with the content concept. You can also creatively use videos to magnify the learning aspect.



Ask your audience to summarize what they have learned at the end of the session. You can also end with an intriguing question that revolves around the content of the module. The crucial thing to remember is to mirror the facts in real-time.


learning future


Feedback and Improvisation

Building an online platform to educate students and professionals takes a lot of work over and above the course creation. In a classroom session, you can rely on the trainer's capability to teach, but online sessions are mostly student-directed, and every individual learns at their own pace. Sometimes the techniques used can work for one student, whereas another may not connect to the process. 

Collective feedback about the sessions and the recommendations at large are constructive. They ensure ILT courses to convert easily into Elearning courses. With a bit of improvisation over the structure and getting many involving factors, the e-learning courses can soon take over the market over their popularity. At least with that, we can let e-learning courses completely transform the educational scenario successfully.


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A believer of good things and pursuer of diverse avocation, she is a fiction lover and a simple writer. Supriti has a number of professions to her list and she feels challenges are the only answers to failures.


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