Impact Of Technology Over Human Lives

Falak Chandna

23rd Jun'21
Impact Of Technology Over Human Lives | OpenGrowth

Technology nowadays has enhanced an essential part of our lives. If you must have noticed, there are technological proofs everywhere around us that we are stuck with—for instance, Laptops, Mobile Phones, SmartTVs, etc. 

Multiplying technology transcends cultural barriers of considerable time and ample space (e.g., aircraft, automobiles, Internet). One thinks that these resources are exhausted for awareness of further communities - for people around the globe, for maintaining and consolidating family ties, communicating with others efficiently, and getting better socially skilled. However, some technical developments are distracting, stressing people over and isolating people more and more.

Moreover, the practical use of websites with social media naturally has both economic benefits and potential drawbacks. With technological progression, it is convenient to maintain contact with innovative technology in a world where responsible people have become very mobile, making prominent families and mutual acquaintances physically isolated.


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On the other hand, the growth rate in the macroeconomy and the company's earnings and market positions at the macro scale is also a critical factor in technological expansions. Societal development occurs if a community can advance technology and represent it in its social and cultural life. Cooperative economics miraculously appears to have intentionally driven cognitive science, as technical developments applied to the visible world strongly correspond with the dependent economy and are in accordance with international ties.

Technology is true, likely to damage or improve your social and cultural skills. The meaningful thing is to analyze the societal effects of technology. Is technology helping to create good partnerships, or Is technology hindering that? Can you talk earnestly, listen attentively, and collaborate more effectively because of the efficient technologies of your intelligent life? Do you embrace technology to enhance and establish relationships? Can it develop an option to perceive who you are and what you bear to this world? Or are they just superficial pursuits that distract you? Are your legitimate concerns, extraordinary kindness, and desires to serve others proportionately increased or diminished with enabling technology typically? Expertly, these are the leading technology and social welfare issues that demand certain qualified answers regarding how technology is impacting the country as a whole.

Advantages vs Disadvantages


Negative Impact Of Technology


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Distractions can be one of the concerns, especially now that most of the world has high-speed internet connections. There is no more than a click or two away from the Internet, involving distractions that can hinder even the devotedness of the worker's productivity. By carefully structuring the day for operational disruptions, enabling distractions and browser extensions are the factors that the public is eagerly trying for.


Labor Markets

Technology exercises a tremendous influence in the labor markets and shifts from low to medium-sized routine , higher-level to sophisticated scientific, technological, and administrative expertise. On the supplier side, though, expertise improving emerging innovations has been delayed, and this is preventing the extensive spread of innovation in economies. With specific technology, decent education, and extensive preparation have assuredly lost the savage race.



At the minimum, partly, technology is responsible for the emergence of a solitude crisis that has left us more lonely than ever before. Although you can chat and knowingly operate from home with a dazzling display, they are few and far from the physical encounter experiences. Also, Workplaces should compensate by organizing more meetings and promote more face-to-face experiences to fulfill the gap.



Sustainable growth has decreased as well. In most global economies, income inequality has grown and in some of them, like the United States, growth has been especially enunciated. New capital and skill-enabling developments have helped decrease labor wages, and wage disparity has increased. More centralized industrial systems and the substantial economic income of the dominant companies are also correlated with them. Lastly, needed revenues have gently moved from organized labor to economic capital and the optimal allocation of labor and capital incomes has voluntarily changed.


Workplace Culture

The fact that one is penetrated in a closet is depressing. Technology will wreck the work atmosphere if used irresponsibly and render the world barren and incomplete. You can reverse this trend by engaging further in the standard of the effective atmosphere, including improving air quality, the play of music, the presentation of works of art, and the feeling that people are part of society.



Sadly, these mobile computers and all other devices or applications you use with your company have worthlessness. Due to the prevalence of cyberattacks against private firms, any kind of technology you use is a little susceptible. You have to invest in better technology tools and facilities, hire a skilled IT team and keep the workers up-to-date and trained in best cybersecurity practices to prepare for this chance.


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Positive Impacts Of Technology


Time Savers

Did you constantly encounter challenges in the navigation of an unknown town? Affirmative, when we move to a modern location, we all face those problems. If it's a corporate journey or a holiday, revolutionary technologies will aid you in enjoying your excursions and travel everywhere. 

You should seek a specific location at Google Maps, which even identifies the particular destination. It properly maintains the comprehensive framework itself. Also, it would not allow you to miss one turn, and today it even shows you the traffic conditions on your way.


Innovations and Inventions

The developed technology has undoubtedly resulted in a technological revolution, whether it's a medical specialty or organic agriculture, or exploratory engineering. E.g. reasonable farming methods have led to more and more healthy food. The layer farming technology now requires even less room and yields additional fruit. 

But there are still too many other sectors lacking the backbone of technology that cannot endure the same but are looking forward to.


Creativity Enhancement

With collaboration and communication comes a natural inclination toward imagination. Technology stimulates creativity by offering individuals an outlet for their ideas. It could be as coherent as using Pinterest to put together a mood board for a client or employing a smartboard during a brainstorming session. Or, it’s more indirect, like allowing groups to automatically allocate a collaborative space where they can talk candidly about their ideas. Hence, modern technology serves as the consistent basis for an incredible outpouring of musical creativity.

Creative enhancement


We have adaptable places of work, thanks to the frequency and the information technology. Comprehensive teams will objectively evaluate and react within cherished minutes to favorable conditions and appropriate adjustments without instantly dropping or promptly turning off. The scope for finding fresh, better options has also improved, well above the speed of adaptability. Technology encourages one to perform the faithful – not just the most apparent – adaptation.


Customer Interactions

To search for facts and buy goods, the clients use mobile communications systems and internet pages. You can give conscious consumers new ways to buy goods dearly and gently help them get instant assistance for order refunds and delivery problems by eagerly participating in notable advances in promising technology. Therefore, it helps add to the value that you can provide your customers through great content and good service.


Faster Processing

Efficiency and leisurely pace are different. The technologies for our workplaces bring all that to you and you have to evaluate them separately. Corporations just need to look at their value stream to see their technical pace at work. By automating A and B, superior technology decreases the amount of time we are commanded to do. As a result, the market time is quicker, profits are faster, and values are reinvested more quickly.


To conclude, there are various valuable benefits of technology. It undoubtedly assists us in combating poverty and global starvation and can also be vital to contending global warming. Technological advances, however, frequently include significant challenges. 

Accordingly, as humankind, we should be cautious about how far we want to go because at some stage, if we go too far, we might wreck everything.


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