Importance of User Research

What does User Research Mean?

User research is the study of target users in order to know their needs and pain points—so designers have the sharpest possible insights to work with to make the best designs. User researchers use various methods to expose problems and design opportunities and find crucial information to use in their design process. It is the only way to discover exactly what these users need.


Importance of User Research


Purpose of User Research?

It helps you understand the problem you’re trying to solve; it tells you who your users are, in what context they’ll be using your product or service, and ultimately, what they need from you, the designer.


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User Research

It is a method to study and analyze target audience requirements. The two main approaches to analyze the design process, first qualitative and second quantitative research process. Read more.

User Research: What It Is and Why You Should Do It?

The kind of user research you should do depends on your work process and your reason for doing user research prima facie. Here are three major reasons for doing user research. Read more.


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What is the purpose of user research?

Good user experience research meets not only user goals, but business ones as well. Find user experience research (UX research) on our list of services. Read more.

User research: Why and What

Research findings can help you make informed design decisions throughout the product design/development process and opportunities for new products or applications and inspire innovation. Read more.


Why Are Start-Ups Not using User Research?

User Research sometimes demands huge investment, which the start-ups are not capable to fulfil. Sometimes, a start-up starts its operation only after knowing all about its customer base. They come in the market with complete preparation of what to produce and how to solve the customer’s problem. 

Apart from these, there are also different reasons why start-ups don’t use user research. To know, read:

Benefits and why are start-ups afraid of user research?

Developing a product demands a good understanding of the audience you're going to serves to proper identification of customer base. Read more.

Why start-ups don’t do user research?

User research is essential to building products that are based around individuals. User research does not simply inform layout or build a customer base, but it drives change. Read more.


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