Improve Your Lifestyle by Hiring a Domestic Help

Sunny Samanta

17th Feb'21

“Work is important but self-care is more important.”

Are you one of those people who keeps on looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend but ends up running errands, shopping, answering and sending emails, and/or planning your next week’s schedule? Well, the list can go and on but the point is we are often so overwhelmed with our working schedule that we almost run out of time for our personal life. It is like the dream or our family we started working for in the place, somehow, ends up taking a backseat with the work becoming our priority.

This trap of losing ourselves in the process is Inevitable, in Thanos’s voice, unless we figure out an Iron Man for ourselves. And that said Iron Man is none other than the domestic helper a lot of us have started relying upon. However, not everyone is aware of the benefits of hiring domestic help and the pressure that comes with it. Therefore, in this post, I will be sharing all the important details related to hiring a domestic help starting with the cost of doing things yourself versus hiring domestically.

The Stress Factor

Part I: Problem

Maybe, you are one of those people who is consumed by their work that they don’t even bother about a messy bathroom or the family cooked meal on the table. This is mainly due to the constant stress that you are dealing with on a daily basis mainly because of your inability to manage a healthy environment between your workspace and home. And this kind of has a rippling effect on everyone you are associated with and that could lead to unwishful circumstances such as arguments with your spouse, deteriorating health conditions, not being able to claim your weekend, etc.

Part II: Solution

Hired domestic help. It takes care of your messy bathroom, daily chores, and even weekly errands such as grocery shopping. The outcome of this, you no longer have to look at those dirty laundry or the messy bathroom after returning from your office peacefully and lose your calm. You will begin to have fewer to no unnecessary arguments with your spouse or family. Also, there will be no chores to worry about and finally, you can reclaim your weekend at the end of every week.

The Hiring Process

 Part I: Pressure

While you may know the benefits of hiring domestic help, it still can put you under pressure when you, finally, plan of hiring one for yourself. The pressure is organic because you don’t want to hire the wrong person. After all, like it or not, the wrong person in trouble. There are other factors too that add pressure to the hiring process such as the cost of hiring domestic help.


Domestic Help


Part II: Solution

Before you plan on hiring domestic help, you need to first ask yourself if it is worth it. You need to think through if the budget you are planning for the domestic help is worth and whether the work you are hiring a domestic help could be done by you on a daily basis comfortably. Once you are through this conundrum with the answer that you, indeed, need to hire domestic help then you can start with the following steps.

  • Fix your hiring rate alongside the expected work requirements.
  • Look for online portals or agencies that provide domestic help or seek recommendations from known people around.
  • Once you have a prospect ready, get him or her verified at your local police station or any responsible governing authority. This is much important, as you would want your domestic helper to not have a genuine or good reputation over any police record or a bad reputation.
  • Don’t boss them around or force them into doing extra work as they are not your slaves rather people who are contributing to making your life better in exchange for a weekly or monthly salary.
  • Appreciate them from time to time for their work as it will create a good working relationship between the two of you and further ensure the release of that extra pressure of theft or bad incidents involving domestic helpers.

The benefit of Hiring a Domestic Help

Although, by now you must have an idea about the benefits of hiring a domestic help nevertheless, here are some of the benefits which are sure to put a smile on your face if you are planning on hiring domestic help.

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  • More time to spend and enjoy with your family and friends.
  • A chance for a much healthier lifestyle. Gym anyone?
  • An introspective time where you can meditate, read books, nap, relax or even reassess your goals and current lifestyle.
  • Weekend trips or movie nights like you used to do before and even visiting a museum or a park you had been planning to visit for months.
  • Extra time. Lots of it compared to before you had a domestic helper.

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