Incredible List Of 10 Designing Websites Other Than Canva

Falak Chandna

30th Jun'21

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvellous.” - Bill Moyers.

And to become creative, tools like Canva are a must to enhance creative thinking ability.

Users can do a lot with Canva. Right from generating amazing, excellent photographs to uploading dozens of online stock images. But it might not possess some things that you demand, relying on the specifications. In such a scenario, you will get to know other platforms such as Canva. 

So, if you're a talented graphic artist or simply someone who wants high-quality images for social media in a limited time, start scrolling. Learn more. In this post, we will consider the optimal route besides Canva.


List Of Websites Other Than Canva



For corporate owners, businesspeople, social media marketing companies, and blogs, Stencil is a simple to manage web graphic design platform and Design Manager. It provides models for publications in social media, ebook wraps, holiday event displays, newsletters, and much more.

Stencil contains hundreds of prototypes, 1,200,00+ CC0 pictures, more than 800,000 symbols, more than 100,000 statements and many other sophistications. 

You can use ten pictures a month with a fee schedule. But you will require one of the paid plans, which begins at $9 a month, to upgrade your social networking sites resources.



About 500 impressive colored designs, millions of pictures, hundreds of custodians' fonts, and tons of icons are available in Visme to support you to make presentations related to IT, social media, and many more. To encourage you it communicates with the public, you can indeed add immersive diagrams, graphs, animations and audio recordings to your projects.






Pixlr makes online photographs easily organized, edited and shared. It is also an unusual solution to Adobe Photoshop, apart from being one of the Canva substitutes. However, to employ this, you do not have to include/install anything. 

The removal of the background, for instance, is one of its exceedingly established features. You're not going to find many gadgets. In addition, you can also apply fonts, patterns, light strips, staining stains and glitter in your pictures by implementing their models.



This simple mapping platform advances stunning infographics, reports and maps for particular users and departments. Infogram provides its customers with exposure to a comprehensive range of concept designs. 

It also offers personalized models to help companies adhere to their design specifications, which meet the colors, fonts and logos specified by a particular brand. Animations for objects, powerful diagrams, and graphs help to deliver visually compelling content to the audience.



Relay seems to accept a special proposal of merit for itself. You can instantly transform your logo to multiple brand properties in one image, and it instantly resizes the images to match the proportions needed for different social media channels, saving you a lot of time and energy. 

This is accurate for advertisers wanting personalized, customized content with few opportunities to plan enough versions of a similar product for all the various channels.



Snappa is an all-inclusive web platform that simplifies graphic design enough for an ordinary user to use. Create photographs quickly based on pre-building or predetermined measurements. One can always edit and add effects to produce the perfect template, if necessary. 

Snappa provides over 200 fonts and more than 3 000 vectors and forms for inspiring extraordinary designs. And it is convenient to plan your photos without leaving the Snappa app to post on social media. 

Undoubtedly, this is practical!






Befunky is one of my most widely used  by web designers with three main types of design: photo editor, collage maker and designer. You can edit your photographs in the first step. You can make enjoyable photogrammetry in the second, and you can create graphics for the social networking sites or blog in the third mode. 

The tool includes a drag and drop editor and sophisticated photo editing tools to take striking pictures.



Desygner, along with most of the software on this list, is (mostly) editing software and graphic design apps designed to produce cool advertising material. Anything can be done with Desygner – photographs of social media, online advertisements, email posters or business cards. 

It is an easy, efficient and economical tool for quick content creation. You can learn the dragging and dropping of the program and build your masterworks using layers, effects and fully responsive formats. Sharing with Social media, Google and other key sites is simple once you're through.



Fotor seems to be another versatile internet site for image manipulation with editing, design and collaging capabilities. You may use the modeling functionality with pre-cast models to create graphics for your digital networking sites or your profile. The Edit function allows you to improve, scale, cut, delete the backdrop, rotate and streamline your images in one recording.






With the convenience of using keyboard shortcuts, the simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to make breathtaking images easily and in no time at all. DesignBold gives you the chance to make share-worthy photos with preset filters or sophisticated picture editing software, regardless of whether you are a graphic artist or an experienced graphic designer. 


You will be employing the growing tools of DesignBold, including millions of images, hundreds of fonts, a wide array of templates and over 50 documents. It is also an elementary forum for users to save in the Cloud storage designs.

Well, you'll need a few accommodating graphic designers if you're a marketer, an online company owner or a producer of content. 

Yes, Canva is an excellent tool, so you will never be supposed to be endeavoring other creative solutions. But try it out. There might be something very great you may come across. 

However, if you find that nothing works out or you are investing too much time planning, try to delegate some tasks to the above-mentioned sites. You might find some awesome creatives that will succeed your expectations.

We, at OpenGrowth, are committed to keeping you updated with the best content on the latest trendy topics from any major field. Also, both your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. So, do share them in the comment section below.

From the cloudiest days to enchanting nights, she holds the fire in her belly and the zeal in her eyes. 
Falak is an astonishing content writer and a former event manager. The craze for creativity runs in her blood and to bring the change in the human mindset is what she believes to stand for.  She yearns to contribute to society with all her knowledge and her experiences throughout.


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