India's EdTech: Ready to Shine on Global Scale

Sareen Yasmin

25th Sep'20
India's EdTech: Ready to Shine on Global Scale | OpenGrowth

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown across the country unexpectedly forced the entire nation to move their entire learning online. The Fourth Industrial Revolution put India on the global digital sphere and offered an upswing to the startup economy. While sectors like health, finance, and logistics have witnessed considerable adoption. The edtech sector also made treads offering a new way to learn. 

The evolution towards digital platforms have not only made schools shift to meet this new way of learning, rather it has provided an opportunity for edtech companies to meet the intensifying demand for online learning. 


Edtech During Pandemic

India’s edtech space and the ascendance of unification for a segment are all set to transform the education sector. While covid-19 forced institutions to explore online teaching alternatives, that has accelerated adoption of technology catalysed edtech’s emergence across the globe.


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Edtech Startups

In the new normal world, the pandemic has given a massive boost to online education. In the last few months, the edtech sector has evolved rapidly, changing the trajectory of the Indian education system multifold.


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Edtech Future Trends

Mentors can access a variety of learning tools through technology to give learners differentiated learning experiences outside of the conventional curriculum. Extended reality comprising virtual, augmented, and mixed reality gives rise to immersive learning experiences to beginners no matter where they are. Edtech future trends hold a lot for learners as well as educators for their overall growth and development.


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