Industries that Boomed even during Pandemic


20th Aug'20

COVID-19 caught many of us by surprise. The unwelcomed, un-invited guest brought about a great havoc-obstructed day-to-day life, increased job uncertainties, wounded businesses, demotivated budding entrepreneurs, affected the whole education system & made many of vitamin D3 deficient (stay home stay safe). 

However, there were many businesses that survived this storm and made BIG money. 


Businesses that survived COVID-19


Online Retailing: For the past decade, Amazon’s sales growth has been very impressive. The company continued its success ride even in COVID-19 times. Amazon got a big boost in the sales as people couldn’t step out to stores to buy daily essentials during the lockdown and thus preferred to order online. People also spent big bucks on the purchase of luxury items like PCs, Dishwashers & Vacuum cleaners.  


Supermarkets/Grocery stores: With the closure of restaurants, people were left with no choices than to cook at home. During this time, supermarkets remained open to make the daily essentials available to consumers. People started exploring the cook in them and flooded social media with images & videos showcasing their cookery skills. Thus, the demand for many products increased.


Hand-Sanitizing products & Immunity boosters:  A product that was rarely used by masses has now become their indispensable part. Many companies are now providing hand-sanitizing products, including face wipes to cater to the ever-increasing needs of the consumers looking for hand-sanitizing solutions.

There has also been a rise in the number of people buying immunity boosters. Several companies have launched the immunity-boosting tablets, drinks and whatnot. Companies like Dabur India Ltd & the Himalaya Drug Co. have witnessed a huge demand for traditional products like “chyawanparash”. Likewise, demand for other Ayurveda products has also spiked


Workspace Solutions: In times where most of the people are working remotely, having the right collaborative technology and security is a must-have for executives. ZOOM emerged as an undisputed leader in video conferencing in COVID 19



Entertainment: Since the entertainment options like movie theatres, night clubs, gaming centres remained shut, OTT platforms kept all of us entertained. Netflix added nearly 16 million new subscribers during the first quarter of 2020


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