Infosys, NVIDIA Boost Global Enterprise Productivity with AI

Anurag Paul

22nd Sep'23
Infosys, NVIDIA Boost Global Enterprise Productivity with AI | OpenGrowth

Infosys and NVIDIA are deepening their partnership to enhance productivity using generative AI across various sectors. A new training center will upskill 50,000 Infosys staff in NVIDIA's AI technology.

Today, global digital services and consulting giant Infosys, along with NVIDIA, revealed their enhanced partnership. Their goal is to assist businesses globally in improving productivity using generative AI tools and solutions.

The expanded partnership will integrate NVIDIA's AI tools and systems into Infosys Topaz, a platform focused on generative AI services. This will allow Infosys to develop products that help customers seamlessly incorporate generative AI into their operations.

Infosys also intends to establish an NVIDIA Center of Excellence. Here, they'll train 50,000 employees in NVIDIA's AI technology, equipping them to offer generative AI expertise to clients in various sectors.

"Infosys is evolving to prioritize AI, aiming to enhance AI services for our global clients. Many of these clients seek advanced AI solutions that can deeply impact their whole business process," stated Nandan Nilekani, Infosys co-founder and chairman.

"Infosys Topaz's services align well with NVIDIA's main offerings. By merging our capabilities and upskilling 50,000 employees with NVIDIA's AI tech, we aim to develop top-tier AI solutions guiding businesses towards an AI-centric future."

NVIDIA's Complete Integration Enhances Infosys' Advanced Offerings.

Infosys employs NVIDIA's comprehensive generative AI platform, covering both hardware and enterprise software, to innovate within its business. This is aiding their clients in developing generative AI solutions for operations, sales, and marketing.

Using NVIDIA's AI Enterprise tools, such as the NVIDIA NeMo™ LLM framework, NVIDIA Metropolis for computer vision, and NVIDIA Riva for speech AI, Infosys has crafted various AI-focused solutions for diverse industries. Some of these offerings are:

Infosys has combined its Video Analytics platform with NVIDIA Metropolis, harnessing computer vision to tackle retail hurdles. This includes streamlining shopping experiences, enhancing merchandising, ensuring planogram adherence, minimizing losses, overseeing inventory, gathering instant insights, ensuring health and safety compliance, and more. This integration is also beneficial for logistics, manufacturing, and utilities sectors.

Infosys has coupled its Generative AI Labs with NVIDIA's NeMo framework. This partnership allows companies to quickly adjust and deploy specialized large language models for various business needs, offering an affordable and scalable solution.

Additionally, by utilizing NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails, Infosys enhances its Responsible AI Toolkit. This ensures robust AI practices that protect against generative AI concerns like IP violations, biases, misleading outputs, and security issues.

Infosys integrates its Cortex platform with NVIDIA Riva's speech and translation AI to create cutting-edge contact center solutions. This includes features for smooth multilingual interactions and provides contact center agents with tools for instant customer intent and sentiment analysis. These advancements aim to boost customer happiness and strengthen brand allegiance.

The partnership also delves into digitalization, emphasizing the creation of solutions for business applications in areas like 3D workflows, design collaboration, digital twin technology, world simulation, and more.

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