Innovation in Banking Sector with Voice Banking and Speech Technology

Innovation in Banking Sector with Voice Banking and Speech Technology | OpenGrowth

Voice recognition and Banking 

The financial services sector is being interrupted by numerous technology trends these days. Voice and speech recognition is one of the banking sector innovations. Voice and speech recognition systems have already evolved enough to permit businesses to make relationships with customers in new ways. Increasing the quality of banks and monetary establishments use voice and speech technologies to allow their audiences to use financial products easily. Researchers estimate that over 50% of mobile searches are done by voice.

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What is Voice Banking 

Voice banking — recording one's voice while it is still functional — allows people with ALS and other conditions that affect the ability to speak to transform those recordings into personal synthesized voices that sound like themselves. International banks are among the leading monetary establishments experimenting with voice recognition code to extend security experience for his or her customers. Some banks use voice recognition to use an individual's voice for identity verification through their smartphone.

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The First Bank to Implement Voice and Speech Recognition

In February 2019, HSBC became the primary bank to use voice recognition in services discharged to its customers. This marked a leap toward a replacement direction in identity verification for the monetary services sector. In line with the bank, mobile banking customers now not got to keep in mind their secret and different knowledge to access their accounts.

International banks are currently exploring voice technology to extend security measures for his or her customers. Maybe, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tool will facilitate banks improve client engagement once they use their monetary services. Artificial Intelligence technology vendors like Nuance are aiding banks in establishing speech and voice services.

It doesn’t matter however banks will develop their voice-enabled solutions; one issue is evident.

Artificial Intelligence can become essential for banks to deliver higher experiences and gain a competitive advantage in the future of banking sector innovation.


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