Innovative Startups in Insurance Industry


11th Nov'20
Innovative Startups in Insurance Industry | OpenGrowth

Insurance should be recognized as more of an investment than a cost. A good policy allows you to free up time, energy and money to concentrate on growing.


Insurance for Startups

Insurance is one of the oldest and most conventional industries. In the last few years, growing figures of tech startups have developed and started to overstep on the territory of the big players. U.K. insurance in particular has seen a rise in activity and a quick increase in fundraising. Last year it persuaded $1.7 billion in investment.




Innovative Startups in Insurance Industry

Ample of the innovation in the insurance industry in current years has been about building new products that are provided in old manners. Digital is missing and Insurers are seeking new digital-native customers. Digital innovation mission and vision why it is important for winning customers and developing new revenue streams.

Insurtech companies tend to focus on improved personalization and incredible speed and efficiency of services to meet shifting customer needs, with many using Artificial Intelligence to offer deeper data insights. And while some are set on expelling the industry incumbents, others are working with the dominant insurance companies as they transition to the age of digital innovation.


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Insurance for Coronavirus

Having an insurance cover is a must during these tough times of the COVID-19 outbreak. This pandemic has taught us to take care of our health and think for the safety of the future. Life Insurance with COVID-19 Cover’ benefits the policyholder by garnishing hospitalization costs, 24 consecutive hours of hospitalization on the first-ever diagnosis of COVID-19 situation along with death advantage from the life cover.

The policy puts up with the hospitalization costs, which will help prevent the financial burden that may arise if a person is declared COVID-19 positive. In case of death, one can benefit from the life advantage through the base plan, which will help in supporting the insured's family.


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What coronavirus treatment is covered? : Are you aware of whether your medical insurance plan covers the treatment of this novel coronavirus? And if it does, how much protection will you get? Insurance companies have printed FAQs on their sites to answer inquiries policyholders might have concerning health insurance insures with respect to Covid-19. Read more.

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