8 Investment Terms You Need to Know As An Entrepreneur

Roshni Khatri

2nd Jan'24
8 Investment Terms You Need to Know As An Entrepreneur | OpenGrowth

Possessing a wide range of information is essential for becoming an entrepreneur. When running a startup, you'll come across a lot of financial terms. There are hundreds of specialized terminologies in finance and investment. More terms are constantly being created to characterize novel ideas and advancements in product development. 

The time frame of an investor's involvement in the activity determines how long they may research financial terms. With this, you should also follow top financial behaviors for financial security. We have compiled a glossary of the key financial words and ideas that are essential for beginner’s in the business industry. So let's dive into the investment world!

Finance Terms You Need to Know

It's common for new investors to come across a variety of investment terms. The following investment phrases might serve as a good beginning point for someone new to investing to develop strong investment terms: 

1. Working capital

The liquid capital that a firm possesses is referred to as working capital or cash flow. There are two methods to calculate working capital. You can either take the net working capital ratio, and divide the current assets by current liabilities to measure the working capital. Another way to do this is deducting current liabilities from current assets.

working capital = current assets-current liabilities

2. Profit margins

One of the often used indicators to assess the profitability of a small firm is profit margin. Flexibility increases with your company's profit margin but chasing profit alone may lower the caliber of your goods and services. This can lead to several additional problems. Finding the perfect balance between revenue margins, effectiveness, and other corporate principles leads to a perfectly balanced business.



Types of profits

Three categories of profit margins exist. Each has advantages of its own and measures profitability differently. Choosing how you want to utilize it is the greatest approach to identifying which one you should use. Here are the types of profits:

  • Net profit: Your net profit margin gives you an idea of how profitable your business is in comparison to your costs.
  • Gross profit: You may assess pricing tactics, manufacturing efforts, and production procedures using your gross profit margin.
  • Operating profit: You can determine how successful your firm is after paying for labor and supplies by looking at your operating profit margin. You can gauge the daily profitability of your firm by looking at your operating profit margin. Most importantly, it excludes costs like interest and taxes.

3. Revenue

The whole amount of funds that a business produces is called gross sales and is often referred to as income. Revenue is sometimes referred to as the "high line," as it is the first item on the profit or loss (P&L) sheet. The amount of money your company has made before deducting any costs is referred to as sales.

Revenue indicates a company's capacity to produce sales. Organizations strive to be productive in the end, but they may also make a lot of money without being profitable. Without income initially, it is impossible to turn a profit. Revenue is a good indicator of customer demand.

4. Diversification

Diversification is a crucial investing technique that distributes capital across several asset classes and products within classes. This strategy maximizes profit while lowering risk. It’s crucial to learn about financial restructuring to have cost reduction and management of cash flow. 

5. Amortization

Amortization is the process of progressively paying off a debt by making predetermined and scheduled principal and interest payments on a regular basis..It may also relate to an accounting technique that breaks up the debt into smaller payments over time. This prevents it from being recorded in full on a company's books at the time the obligation is incurred.

6. Customer acquisition cost

The amount of money a company must invest to bring on a new client is called customer acquisition cost (CAC.) The entire value of sales and marketing activities used to acquire that client is included in the CAC. This is done to close the deal and win over the customer. These days, a lot of companies such as Walmat and Apple are employing targeted web advertising to achieve a better CAC.



7. Unit economics

The term "unit economics" describes the earnings and costs incurred by a company on a single product. You must define a unit within the context of your business before you can compute the economics of a single unit. The majority of organizations classify a single consumer as a unit. Finding the cost of acquiring a unit i.e. a client and the value that it brings are the first steps in calculating unit economics for a firm. Finding the customer lifetime value of your customer acquisition cost is another method to do this.

8. Debt-to-equity ratio

The debt-to-equity ratio or risk ratio is a figure that contrasts the company's obligations with the equity held by its shareholders. The debt-to-equity ratio shows how much of a company's activities are financed by debt as compared to owned capital. The D/E ratio details the degree of risk that a company holds because of the source of financing for its activities.

debt-to-equity ratio = (short term debt + long term debt + other fixed payments)/ shareholder’s equity

Give yourself a pat on the back if you understand every definition in the diary! We also hope that this blog helped to fill in any terminology gaps you may have had. By having a thorough understanding of its CAC, a company can increase its profit margins. Stay tuned with us for more information on the investment terminologies and strategies!

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