Is Audio the Future of Social Media?

Isha Panwar

4th Feb'21
Is Audio the Future of Social Media? | OpenGrowth

Now tweet as you speak!

Whether you are a content creator or simply a consumer, visually-based methods are usually used to send and receive most information.

It is deceptively easy to forget the written word as its thousands of years old, than the spoken word far precedes it. Every one of us is genetically equipped to pass on and comprehend information using our voice and ears.

It is believed that the best idea for a better way to communicate online is the entangled, brutal, and erratic world of Twitter. It is the way for people to quickly express their thoughts and ideas to a large audience. It quickly became the trash bin of the internet, where most conversations quickly turned into shouting relays and insults. Instead, there must be a better way to interact and express opinions.


Is Audio the Future of Social Media?


Audio Tweet

Twitter launches a feature known as audio tweet it Twitter voice note. Through this feature, tweeting would be much easier than before. Audio tweet feature allows hassle-free and effortlessly tweeting procedure. The Twitter voice note is accepted to be more impactful than the basic written tweet format.

To know more about the audio tweet and Twitter voice note features, read the links.

Twitter debuts a new voice tweet feature:

Twitter launched a new feature that allows users to tweet out voice notes in place of usual text posts. Read more.

How To Voice Tweet On Twitter?

The latest feature of audio tweets offers the platform in the context of deeper 'human touch'. Read more.

Voice tweet:

Here’s how to compose a voice tweet using the Twitter app for iOS. Read more

All about twitter new feature:

A post a 140-second long audio tweet, along with the 280 characters as text. Read more


Tips for Recording Voice Tweet

Before you get started with the newly launched feature by Twitter, here are some tips and tricks that need to take care of while recording a voice tweet.

Click on the links to know all.

Tips to send voice tweet:

You can record whatever you want to say using your phone's microphone, and it can be tweeted as an audio-only video. Read more

How to records and tweet:

Twitter is a text-focused social network, but that hasn’t stopped the tech company from including photos and videos. Read more


How to Get Twitter Voice Notes?

While getting Twitter voice notes, few things need to be taken into consideration to record the tweet without much of difficulties.

Read the link to understand more

How to get twitter voice notes?

Twitter announced its users would now be able to record audio clips and attach them to tweets. Read more.


Voice Tweet: Future of Twitter

With the world changing into technology freak and willing to do less of activities. The audio tweet seems to be a perfect tool for advanced technology generation. It is seen that in the coming future, the audio tweet will be loved and used by every inch of the population.

Visit the links to read all about the future of Twitter

Future of Twitter:

The feature will record your exceeded time limit audio as a new voice tweet and then create a thread. Read more

After giving users more control over conversations, Twitter included the ability to tweet with voice notes. The feature is available to iOS users only at the moment. Read more


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