Is Entrepreneurship a Good Career Choice?

Neda Ali (Editor)

23rd Jun'21

Entrepreneurship as a Career

With an increase in population, demand for jobs is increasing. However, unfortunately, the limited job opportunities are not sufficing the demands leaving many unemployed. 

This pandemic has become an eye-opener for everyone and especially for the people working in smaller firms. The sudden dip in the economy has made many people lose their jobs. This created a space for people to come up with their businesses. 

Owning an enterprise gives us a sense of being financially independent, job security, and the opportunity to choose the role of our own choices. 

Some of the prominent ‘pull factors’ that attract individuals towards entrepreneurship as a career option are a high need for independence. Some people like to have freedom at work: with whom to work, when to work, with whom to do business, on what terms, etc. It is this instinct in them that pushes them to start something of their own.

And all these are indeed very luring and that is why a large number of youth are more focused on starting their own business rather than job hunting.

In this competitive world, where people are trying to acquire a variety of skills to fulfill the demand of the employer, it is not hidden from anyone. And even after learning a myriad of skills, more than 50 people are fighting for one or two positions. And job hunting soon becomes job haunting.

The desire of people to leave a long-lasting mark is also a reason to adopt entrepreneurship as a career. Entrepreneurship creates an opportunity to make a definite contribution to society by lifting people in and around the venture. A continuous zeal to innovate helps in touching the heads and hearts of people at large.

Entrepreneurship a Good Career Choice


Is Entrepreneurship a good career choice?

Every coin has two sides and entrepreneurship is not different. When we see the benefits one gets by owning a business we quickly choose entrepreneurship as our career. But is entrepreneurship a good career choice? It is a question, everyone is looking for an answer. 

Good or bad can be determined by several factors.

Pros of Entrepreneurship as a career:

1. You are the boss

It is as simple as it looks. You don't have to take orders from anyone or report to anyone. It's all about your thoughts, potential, actions, and plans. This feeling is indeed amazing.


2. You can work at your own pace

You don't have to meet any deadline, you can work whenever you wish to work. You can manage your time accordingly.



3. Work Without Fear

When you are working under somebody else, there is a fear of being fired if you fail. This fear is not there when you have your enterprise. You can take the risk you want without any fear of losing your job.


4. Achieve personal satisfaction

When you work for yourself, you don't work on the things you don't feel passionate about. And when you enjoy your work there is very little chance of failing.

Running our businesses also allows us to follow our passions as well as empower us enough to do so. Here are a few reasons why becoming an entrepreneur could be one of the biggest favors you ever did for yourself.

You can work at your own pace

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Cons of Entrepreneurship as a career:

1. You do not have a guaranteed paycheck

You don't have a guaranteed paycheck waiting for you at the end of every month. You have to chase your money by putting action on your ideas and plans. 

Cons of Entrepreneurship as a career

2. Constant risk

An enterprise demands lots of risks and there is no surety of being successful when you take risks. In the entrepreneurship world, risk-taking leads you to success, but it is not always the success you get.

Pros and cons of being an employee vs. being an entrepreneur

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Read the book Unapologetically Ambitious: Take Risks, Break Barriers, and Create Success on Your Terms by Shelly Archambeau to know more about risk-taking and success.

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