Is It Time To Wave A Goodbye To Bluetooth, As Google Just Released A New App?

Falak Chandna

13th Apr'21
Is It Time To Wave A Goodbye To Bluetooth, As Google Just Released A New App? | OpenGrowth

The Internet of Things is a worldwide guide for the billions of physical devices connecting to the Internet, which store and exchange all information. With the addition of extremely modern computers and the wide availability of cellular networks, anything from a little pill to anything as large as an airliner can be turned into a component of the IoT. Through linking and attaching sensors to all these various items, artificial intelligence is applied to machines that might otherwise be ignorant, so that they can exchange factual data without human intervention.

The Internet of Things makes the whole world surrounding us more intelligent and sensitive, combining the interactive and tangible dimensions.

You might well have noted that all of these pieces share one thing – they are part of the IoT (internet of things). The "internet of things" applies in every space in our households, to all the intelligent computers we use with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

A system classified as "intelligent" can connect with most of these technologies, and one that you are using can often be difficult to recognize. To get a greater understanding, let's look closely at each technology.


bluetooth and wifi


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Bluetooth is a system developed to allow short-term wireless communication between electrical gadgets, including the computer and smartphone, or the TV. Instead of the infrared range used for conventional remotes, Bluetooth operates via radio frequencies. As a result, Bluetooth reduces the need to link between devices not just for a wire link but also for plain vision.



Wi-Fi is equivalent to Bluetooth since it uses radio waves to transmit high-speed data via the wireless network without the need to be connected by a cable. WiFi operates by the breakage of a signal into bits and through different radio transmissions. Through this strategy, the signal can be transmitted with lower power per frequency and even the same Wi-Fi transmitter can be used on different computers. Originally developed in the 1990s, Wi-Fi underwent many standardization processes to allow a wider data transmission bandwidth.


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Though both of them are wireless, the intent, inclinations, and other factors of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi differ. Short-term data transmission between devices is possible through Bluetooth. On the other side, Wi-Fi provides internet access for smartphones. Bluetooth reduces the number of connected devices, while Wi-Fi is open for more devices and more users at once. Bluetooth often appears to be easier to use and uses less power than Wi-Fi since it allows only one connector in each connected unit, although it comes at the cost of the coverage and data transfer speed, where Wi-Fi usually beats Bluetooth potentials.

And considering all the above, especially about the data transfers, that too without a requirement of fluctuating internet connection, Google always does wonders when it comes to technological progressions.

For Android devices, Google has unveiled a comprehensive software that enables phones to communicate over far more lines than Bluetooth, while allowing messages to be sent or vast volumes of data to be transmitted without internet access.


The latest software is called WifiNanScan.




However, the application that it released only demotes one element, which enables you to reliably determine the distance between two units. It's only for users to try but shows how Neighbor Awareness Networks works. 

This simple app helps people to decide their position and allows the exchanging of messages and their accessibility to each other. 

In this situation, when an editor begins a particular service, the WiFiNanScan software alerts future WiFi users of its readiness. It is also possible without a Wi-Fi connection point to establish an ad-hoc network. Devices with this app will be able to concurrently publish and subscribe.

So isn't it one of the wow apps, that can add value to this era of the technologically advanced present?

Well, it surely does!!

So, considering the value of this app, why don't you go and check how this app works and then let us know what your experience holds.

We are excited. Are you? 




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