Is Receiving And Sending Emails Safe In Today's World?

Falak Chandna

10th Mar'21


"If Social Media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel."


Social Media


Today, Email Marketing being one of the trending business marketing techniques, holds various pros and cons hidden inside the bucket full of fashionableness.

As we all know, that we on a general basis are subscribing to various good blogs, newsletters, infographics, picture models, and whatnot on a regular basis. And not only these, but the emails are shared with us by our loved ones and our friends as well.

Well, "Email Sharing is the new normal, reasonably, no one tends to send handwritten letters anymore". 

Further, with interesting software available, these senders are already aware of, if the receiver has opened the mail or not.

This process takes place to happen because of the tracking pixels embedded into the emails. These tracking pixels tend to record both the time and the date of reading the email and the location and the device used to open the mail.

This might come as an eye opener.

Besides, this information is a lot with regards to the feedback that the third party is receiving conferring to your engagements and favourites.

On one hand, for marketers and organizations, tracking emails is all about reading the individual interest and gaining knowledge about the likes and dislikes of their targeted customers. 

On the other hand, this procedure, as per the public opinion, can be termed as an invasion of privacy, where information is dug out of the conversations and that too without the consent of individual personnel.

Interesting Fact - Apps like TRACK present on Google play store are a very convenient way provided to marketers nowadays to aid them in tracking emails from anywhere and any device they are using. It also helps the tracking of links and attachments, who opened the mail, email forwarding tracking, and much more. It comes with a 7-day free trial and then the customer needs to buy the premium account to further continue with this vicious activity.

Perhaps, you won't be able to do anything about using the monitoring pixels, so you should take precautions to avoid them from working. 

And to see the type of messages used to track your details, like the individual or the businesses, which are interested to know you, finding the solution becomes the must performed action.


How To Stop Emails Tracking System?


The email Tracking system as stated before is a form where tracking pixels are embedded in an email. And pixels are related to images and photos. So, the first come first basis solution to this problem is to turn off the image loading indicator in your email settings.

This way the images will not be able to load in the inbox when you read the message, however, it will be worthy of the factor that the privacy parameter in terms of handling your data is now unharmed.


How To Ban Images From Loading?


Ban Email Tracking


Go To All Settings - Click On General Option - Then choose the option Ask Before Displaying External Images.

(The above steps are applicable for Gmail on the web)

Mail Preferences - Viewing - Uncheck the Load Remote Content In Messages. 

(Applicable Mac, IOS System)

Besides those we mentioned, other email applications usually have similar choices. In such applications you can also see photos inside emails, only a tap or click would be needed to do this. Until images are loaded, no embedded pixels will be accessed and will not announce the opening.

Apart from these few, there are other email pixel tracking applications also available in the market, with the help of which you can easily avoid the email tracking pixel mails.

UGLY EMAIL is one of the best ways to monitor pixels.

This is one of the Chrome and Firefox extensions that work well with Gmail.

TROCKER is another interesting application that supports Gmail and helps in avoiding the tracking pixels to track the required information.

Therefore, it is a problem for us as customers that our data is being tracked in a way that we are not even cognizant of.

Conversely, due to so much technological advancement, there are various ways in which we can also assist ourselves in preserving our privacy over our Email receiving and sending platforms.


The only thing we need to do is -

Stay Aware and Stay Focused!!


Hope You Have A Happy Technological Experience!!


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