It’s Time to Opt For Eco-Friendly Shoes Already! 

It’s Time to Opt For Eco-Friendly Shoes Already!  | OpenGrowth

Did you know that our shoes are very harmful to the environment? Once discarded, it takes years for its tough synthetic fibers to break down! Until then, they just pile up in the landfills around the world. 

Statistics show that nearly 70 million pairs of shoes are manufactured every day around the world. So, do we stop wearing shoes? Well, that is not possible. So, how do we deal with this problem? But, we can think of buying shoes that are kinder to the environment. 

Let us check how. 


Planet Friendly shoes 

Patrick Hogan, a footwear designer from Newburyport, Massachusetts, has recently launched a 4 in 1 shoe called Munjoi under All-Dai, under his own entrepreneurial venture. After working in brands like Saucony and New Balance, Hogan embarked on his own entrepreneurial venture All-Dai. 

He said, “As a footwear designer I could walk outside on any given day and count the number of shoes that I’ve designed on the feet of people walking by. I realized that I was playing a pretty big role in the process, and I should be using my talents to do a better job at helping combat pollution." 



What does All-Dai do?

All Dai designs shoes that are environmentally friendly. Its 4 in 1 shoe, has a convertible design that can be worn as a sneaker, a backless mule, a sandal slide, and an open-toe sneaker. Interesting right! 

For changing the shapes of the shoes, you just have to remove the insole and fold down whatever components of the shoe you want to tuck away. Then put the insole back so it secures the new style in place. 


How were these shoes made? 

Hogan focused on reducing material waste. This shoe is made of plant-based materials. The bottom of the shoes is a combination of Bloom foam - collected from algae waste, sugarcane which are an alternative to petroleum-based EVA, which is still used to manufacture shoes. 

The breathable part of the shoe is knitted with hemp, cotton, and a small amount of spandex, which will help the shoe with stretching. Hemp is a strong durable fiber with anti-bacterial properties. I become soft when combined with cotton. It is machine washable. It also keeps the weight of the show light. 

The carbon footprint of the show weighs around 5 kilograms of carbon dioxide. The shoes are available in three colors Black sea, Sedona, and natural along with a wide range of sizes. 

The brand does not have a disposal strategy though, but Hogan claims the company will come up with this soon. He was seen quoting in the media, “One day we hope that you will be able to bury your MUNJOI shoes in your backyard and a tree will grow—but we are not there yet." The best option, he said, is always to wear the sneakers that you currently have—or to simply wear none at all and go barefoot. MUNJOI's goal is to be the next best option”  


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