Journey of Raelynn Heath - Beautiful and Bling

Sunny Samanta

6th May'21
Journey of Raelynn Heath - Beautiful and Bling | OpenGrowth

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela


This world is a land of opportunities for people who believe. This phrase is something a lot of us get to hear every day. However, only a few of us take it to our bones and turn it into something worthwhile, something so awe-inspiring and something so refreshing that some of us might end up wondering, “Wish I would have paid more attention and things would have been so much different and better.” Such is the journey of Raelynn Heath - beautiful and bling.




About Raelynn Heath

Raelynn Heath hails from the city of Raytown, Missouri. She is an entrepreneur who has dedicated half her life developing a brand out of repairing broken pieces of jewelry to craft original ones.

Now, this may sound interesting and delightful, but here is the best part. Raelynn Heath is only 8 years old. 

Did you just question your whole existence? 

Even if that’s a “Yes,” there’s nothing wrong. I had a similar reaction too.

I mean, we grew up so much watching all those broken pieces of jewelry in every nook and corner of our house, only to end up on a garbage van that visits that honks every morning.


Raelynn Heath


Her mother, Regina Lastiee Heath stated that Raelynn had always been a creative person from the get-go. A trait that can only be matched by her generosity. She further said that her daughter’s journey started with her making plastic beads which she later branched out to acrylic and bubblegum beads. 

Inspired by her daughter’s dedication, who had been making pieces of jewelry and selling them herself since she was 4, she decided to hop on her fairy tale journey that was just beginning.

She said, “We took a little bit of the old and the new and the practical” when it came to making and selling those hand-crafted pieces of jewelry.


Role of Facebook and Etsy

For a platform with 2.6 billion worldwide users, Facebook certainly is a platform most people are familiar with. Another thing that’s equally familiar with it is how most of us have been using it daily, such as sharing pictures, memes and interacting with our close ones. After all, that’s what it is made for, right?

However, the platform has evolved into a giant marketplace with all those interconnectivity people can have there. Raelynn Heath used this opportunity to market her product along with a popular eCommerce site, Etsy. And soon, she ended up being featured in the 1 Million Cups Black Entrepreneurship Showcase. Looking at this growing establishment of her daughter’s work, Regina Lastiee Heath has now applied for a business license for Rae’s materials.


The Upside of Raelynn Heath’s Journey

One of the most wonderful things about someone’s success is knowing how it helps people and their communities. Raelynn Heath's journey is no different. Her success story has unveiled a lot of good things. The one that tops them all, in my opinion, is introducing us to her philanthropic side at such a tender age. 

Raelynn from time to time indulges herself in donating some of the jewelry to her community members suffering from trauma such as having lost a loved one. She does so in hopes of making any possible positive difference in their lives. Even her mother contributes to this by sharing the story of her daughter to inspire other little girls to pursue their dreams as well. Regina Lastiee Heath even leads a nonprofit organization, G.I.R.L.Y (Gifted, Intelligent, Respectful, Leaders, and Young).


Future Endeavours

Raelynn has already upscaled her merchandise expansion to use various other materials such as polymer clay. She even has added items like soda pop labels, chip bags, pieces of her old clothes, and even empty duct tape rolls to design her bling. However, this is not where she wishes to end her creativity on trying new things with her brand. She wants to see her jewelry brand expand to other areas of fashion. But she even understands that school is important.

Therefore, she had planned to pursue a college degree in fashion and move out to conquer the streets of Paris with her brand products. And while she does this, she wants to help and guide other entrepreneurs like her on this journey that she has undertaken.



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