Keep Your Team Engaged During Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings

By leveraging video conferencing technology, one can direct meetings where it’s easy to engage and collaborate. The capacity to offer remote work opportunities for your company can be one of the greatly valuable decisions you make. It means that your workers can work jointly seamlessly without being there.


Virtual Meetings


How to Keep Your Team Engaged During Virtual Meetings

With the pandemic moving the world to all things digital overnight, business leaders have been forced into leading their teams via Video Conferencing. Read More


How do I keep my team engaged remotely? 

Remote work is evolving a norm and there are many positives that come with remote work. Here are few managing tips on how to keep remote workers entertained, engaged and motivated.

Engage with fun:

Conduct periodic surveys to test with workers about what workers are thinking, feeling and doing. Understanding what your people are going through will provide you a much apparent idea about how you should handle with the situation. 

Encourage Learning:

It's a great time to learn. Many companies have financed in e-learning platforms and workers will be able to learn new skills.

Offer Employee Perks:

Giving away some great employee perks is another considerable way to keep employees encouraged to participate towards their organization no matter if they're in the office or working remotely.

CSR During COVID-19:

Corporate social innovation strategies can give a positive effect on society as well as businesses. It also instils dignity in employees to be correlated with a brand that is encouraging the community in this crisis.


Remote Meeting Best Practices

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Virtual Meeting Etiquettes 

They’re a simple, cost-effective way to align numerous offices, keep remote workers engaged and work with clients. While virtual meetings have likely been a part of your everyday work routine for some time now, it’s still simple and easy to fall victim to some important meeting faux pas. Virtual meeting etiquette is a whole new ball game correlated to in-person meetings. 


Tips for Attending Virtual Meeting 

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