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5 Key Factors in Property Investment Success

Roshni Khatri

6th Jul'22
5 Key Factors in Property Investment Success | OpenGrowth

Several people make investments in the real estate industry, not everyone is successful. Have you ever thought about why? Well, making money in real estate is the best option for everyone. Although it is not easy to invest in the property and wait for it to generate rental revenues or any other monetary profit. You must devote your time, effort, and energy in real estate investing if you want to reap the greatest rewards. So it is important for you to know why must you invest in real estate as it can be proven a great earning source for you. In addition to this,  we have to keep many factors in mind while investing our valuable sums in the property or real estate industry as the rates of the land and the market fluctuations may affect and spoil our deal. In this article, we would discuss the prominent factors for successful real estate investment. 


Real Estate Investments

It is often observed that the majority of the investors are motivated to buy the property for financial reasons or to have better future security. In short, property is the great tool for your financial portfolio and future growth. However, if you are new to this market, it can seem difficult to identify the ideal investment home. To have safe and profitable property investment deals, you should keep some elements in mind and some of these are as under:

1. Location

Location is the most integral part of your real estate investments as it determines the future growth and value of your investment. In other words, successful investors say that the prime factors to be taken care of while investing in real estate are location. But have you noticed why they say so? 

Well, here it is, as an investor, you can change many aspects related to your property such as interior or exterior but you cannot change the location of your property. You are stuck in a specific geographical area until you sell it.The geographical aspect should be taken into account when making an investment because it affects the supply and demand for the property. So it is always advisable to find the property at a place where the demand is high and the supply is reasonable. 


Real Estate Investment


With this, it also determines the level of rental incomes. If the location is prime and is in demand you can charge a higher rent but if it is a remote place then you won’t be able to charge the desired rent. 

And the last reason to consider the location is the appreciation, land is the only asset where no depreciation occurs. It tends to rise with time because it is a scarce resource and accounts for a significant amount of the cost of an investment property. Thus the land appreciates in future and this makes the property investment more fascinating. 

2. Financial Analysis

Another factor is financial analysis, doing proper fiscal analysis and understanding the aspects of owning a rental property are the core elements that are to be considered while investing. There are several financial tools for buying the property such as mortgage loans, private money lenders, hard money lenders and many more. 

A successful investor ensures the requirements and output of each financial tool before deciding how to finance the investment property. Besides this, there are some other factors like rental property taxes, payment plans and mortgage calculations are also key aspects that play a vital role in real estate investments. 

Thus before investing you should focus on your current financial status, personal financial goals and the maximum amount of loan for which you are eligible. With this, also set a budget before buying any investment property.

Besides this you should also focus on the factors that affect maximizing valuation outcome, as it helps in estimating the current market value of the property.


Real Estate Investment


3. Rental Strategy

In real estate investing, the investors have to make choices whether they have to opt for a traditional rental method or Airbnb. It is revealed that the majorly investors opt for the traditional strategy as they feel that Airbnb is too risky and has too much work 

However, the rental strategy can be determined by the location of the property, as some areas are suitable for traditional rental strategy and some for Airbnb. The reason why we have to focus on the rental strategy is that this will directly affect your rate of return on investments. For instance, in a location with a strong tourism industry, it is preferable and beneficial to invest in an Airbnb rental as it can yield higher returns than traditional rentals. So decide your rental strategy before investing in a property.

4. Cash Flow

Profit from a property is considered to be cash flow. The bigger the gap between rental revenue and expenses, the better the rate of return on investments, that's why we have to consider the positive cash flow component at the time of investment. Successful investors look for positive cash flow because even when the economy is slow then also they would have the opportunity to earn through a rental income until it recovers. Besides this the positive cash flow increases over time also. 

In addition to this, successful investors can invest in another property by saving the extra income from positive cash flow by using it as a down payment for another property. Thus a positive cash flow is an essential factor that is kept in mind while doing property investments as it enables the investors to invest in multiple real estate properties. 

5. Property Management

Managing the property is also a significant factor that is considered. We are all aware that managing a property involves time, expertise, and meticulousness. As far as property investments are considered it is not just investing in property and getting the rental income monthly rather it is a way to advertise your property by conducting a tenant screening process to get the best tenants. Although the ideal tenant is the one who pays the monthly rents and doesn’t damage your property also. 


Real Estate Investment


With this, managing the property refers to keeping track of the property like repairs, maintaining the property and dealing with the issues faced by the tenants. If you do not have enough time for all this then you can hire a professional property manager who can look after all these aspects. In addition to this, there are several trends in real estate industry, you should consider them before making any property decision. 

Furthermore, several property management companies are providing various services such as marketing, financing, repairs and maintenance. However, you have to pay a fair amount for it.            



The real estate sector is one of the fastest-growing industries, but it does not mean that it is easy to invest in it. To become a successful investor you have to put your time, energy and finances into the property. The above-mentioned key aspects can help you in making the right choice about property investment. Take them into consideration and make your best choice with the higher returns in the real estate sector. 

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