Key to Success: Change your art, Change your habits


16th Nov'20
Key to Success: Change your art, Change your habits | OpenGrowth

A long as, routine dictate the pattern of living, a new dimension of the soul will not emerge.


Work-Life Balance

A balanced life is a key to success. While are as many ways to define success as there are people. There is one thing we all have in common: we all are trying to be more successful.

Sometimes all that a person needs is one little spark, and there he goes. Since success starts with a correct mindset and the passion to work harder every coming day. Every individual needs to create a balance between work life and personal life to achieve the best out of it. One needs to be flexible, compromising, adjustable, and above all, an open-minded individual to take anything and everything coming on their way.


Work-Life Balance OpenGrowth


Here are some links to give you a complete understanding of how to achieve success in your work and life:

How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance Today 

Maintaining your professional and personal life can be challenging, but it is vital. Work-life balance is about dividing the hours on your day equally between work and personal life also, rather, is more about being able to get things done in your professional life whilst still having time and energy to enjoy your personal life. Here is the way to improve your work-life balance today. Read more.

7 Habits of Successful People Who Have Achieved Work-Life Balance

When you determine that you will need a job that operates along with your home life, you never completely understand how difficult that may be until you start trying. People who have achieved a legitimate work-life balance, work hard on a daily basis to keep this success. Explore what are those habits which might help you. Read more.

Achieve Balance and Success in Career and in Life

We all have a dream career and achieving it is the ultimate success and the rest of life depends on that. How you can proceed to set your dream career and balance altogether. Read more.


Hurdles in the success pathway

Often people wonder, the reason behind not able to achieve their goals. They ask almost everyone around them. But the answer lies within legal issues surrounding themselves. 

The only mantra to achieve your goal is, "do it differently." If you decide you will reach for that goal again, approaching it the same way you did previously isn't going to bring about a different outcome. Now you have taken some time to figure out what went wrong, and you know what to avoid the next time around.


Hurdles in the success pathway OpenGrowth


Click on the links to know the possibilities behind hurdles coming in the success pathway:

Reasons Why Have You Been Unable To Achieve Your Goals: All of us have goals that we would love to achieve. Though some of us cannot reach our goals due to lack of action, some people can not achieve them even though we're working towards them. Explore the reasons behind that, read more.

Top 10 reasons people fail to reach the goal

Follow these steps to achieve success. Click on the read more:

If You Do These 7 Things, You Will Be Able To Achieve Any Goal You Set:

Make plans to create the mindset, skillset, and instrument set to achieve your goals. Create the conditions and context for absolute resourcefulness and accountability to bring the deep imagination and dedication required to achieve whatever goal you want. Read more.

Not Achieving Your Goals? Here Are 4 Ways To Ensure That You Meet Them:

It's frustrating to set a goal and not achieve it. Even more vexing is when you fall short of reaching your goal. Stop getting in your way, and start taking the steps which can guide you to your goals. Read more.


Habits holding back success


Habits holding back success opengrowth


Fear is an old age enemy, almost certainly a key factor preventing many of you from pursuing your goal. In fact, it stops you from acting, making you afraid of taking the first step. Fear is what holds you back. It is one of the reasons why we don't go after what we really want in life.


Click on the links to read about the habits holding back your success:

18 Destructive Habits Holding You Back From Success

We build good habits that support us as we move toward our goals or poor ones which endanger our ability to achieve and succeed. One thing is for sure: it is going to be difficult to reach your dreams if you're living with a ton of poor habits. Read more.

The 6 Habits that Hold You Back from Success

We're what we do, right? Aristotle thought, so did lots of hard-working, educated, and powerful people following him. A person is only a sum of their daily habits, where places distraction or excellence. Read more.

7 Habits That Hold You Back From Success 

Success is gradual, not impulsive. It is a set of thousands and thousands of good life choices, marred with many regrettable choices. To triumph, regrettable choices have to be minimal. That is the reason you must assess your daily habits at all times to ensure you don't pile up a lot of errors. Read more


Map to my successful trip

Successful, fulfilled people define success in their own way. They appreciate the value of hard work. The definition of a successful life is often more holistic than just achieving financial results.


Map to my successful trip Opengrowth


Read the links below to know how to achieve your goals successfully:

Five Rules to Set Yourself Up for Success 

If you would like to be successful, you need to set goals. Without goals, you lack focus and direction. Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life's direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you're in fact succeeding. Read more.

The 5 Keys to Success 

It takes a very long time to achieve something good. And to keep your focus set on something, anything, for a very long time, the time necessary to do something great, you need decision and determination. Read more.

How to Have a Successful Career and a Fulfilling Personal Life

People who have achieved fulfilling, successful lifestyles have particular habits. Although the majority of people find it rather difficult to become amazing and fulfilled both in the office and in their personal lives, the powerful, fulfilled people understand it is not impossible. Learn from the habits of successful and satisfied people to reach greater levels of fulfilling achievement: Read more.



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