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30th Oct'20
Know About Agri-tech Innovation | OpenGrowth

What is an Agri-tech?

In this fast-growing world, population rise is the source or can be said one of the root cause for other problems like unemployment, scarcity of food, pollution growth, etc. With the scarcity of food, the world is facing lots of health issues as well. To curb this issue, agri-tech business models are introduced.

“Agritech” is the fusion of Agriculture and Technology. It is the use of technology in agriculture to maximize yields and efficiency. To achieve these aims, Logitech uses technologies that include comprehensive data collection, robotics, and artificial intelligence.


 Agri-Tech Start-Ups

Held annually in London and San Francisco, the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit is an international networking and deal-making event for agribusinesses, solution providers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The goal of the summit is to accelerate the commercialization of advanced agricultural technologies by generating global partnerships and collaborations.

In this submit agri-tech start-up's ideas come up from the world.




Know about some of the innovative start-ups:

25 most innovative Ag-Tech Startups:

These start-ups will present solutions ranging from soil health, crop optimization, fertilizers, and healthy biotics, Click here.

Agri tech innovations and facts:

AgriTech is the use of technology in agriculture with the aim of improving yield, Click here.

15 startups in the spotlight:

With only a few people working every farm, there’s not a lot of time - or incentive - to innovate. Click here.


How AgriTech is Revolutionizing an Industry

People in urban areas may hold misconceptions about agriculture, considering it to be somehow old-fashioned, or affiliated with a quaint lifestyle. In reality, the agricultural sector is evolving in dynamic ways that will have a global impact. It pays to take a look at how.

The agricultural industry is rapidly adopting technology, known as AgriTech, or AgTech, to address its most pressing challenges. AgriTech innovations — which often center around Internet of Things (IoT) applications — are helping farmers work-life harmony at faster, smarter, and less wastefully.


Future of Agri Tech

Modern farms and agricultural operations work far differently than those a few decades ago, primarily because of advancements in technology. Today’s agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies. Leading to be more profitable, efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly.

These benefits of Agri tech can lead to a brighter future.


Read about the future of Agri tech:

Agriculture 4.0-The future of farming technology:

Agriculture 4.0 will no longer depend on applying water, fertilizers, and pesticides uniformly across entire fields. Click here

How is Agri Tech Solving Food Problems?

From adopting sustainable cultivation practices and improving crop quality, Click here.


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