Know How COVID has led to Evolution Of Virtual Weddings


14th Oct'20

If there's anything this pandemic has taught us (besides handwashing), it's the power of technology. We're lucky to live in a digital age where information is at our fingertips, video chat is on our screens, and wedding planning is possible from the couch!

Many engaged couples aren't letting things like a global pandemic or social distance get in their way of getting married. As a result, love always wins. Instead, they're finding creative ways to make their wedding plans happen—from Skype consultations with vendors to Zoom bridal showers. Where there's a tech-savvy will, there's away!


Here's how to virtually plan every aspect of your wedding:

1. Virtual Venue Tours

Throughout the COVID-19 quarantine, many wedding venues are taking it a step further—offering personal site tours via FaceTime and Skype! You can virtually "walk" through the event spaces with the venue's on-site coordinator, speak through what your wedding may seem like at their location, and ask questions as they are available up in real-time. 

This may be a nice probability to induce to understand the venue arranger and discuss details. Also, since it's happening on your device, you'll be able to screenshot or record key moments of the walkthrough! Treat this similar to a standard site tour, and don't be shy about asking to see everything that you want to see.

2. Virtual seller Consultations

Sure, some wedding things simply can't be accomplished virtually. You can't have a digital hair & makeup trial, as an example, or an on-screen cake tasting. However, set up an initial consultation via Skype or FaceTime with prospective coordinators, photographers, videographers, floral designers, etc. they will show you samples of their best work, send over links to past wedding galleries, and talk you through the details of their packages and contracts. 

Consider having a live stream bridal shower or even a bach-party-themed virtual happy hour! Just because everyone is socially distanced doesn't mean the socializing has to stop. Make the best use of technology and get hitched to your loved ones with this virtual wedding space.


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