Let’s Debunk the Failure Myths!

Isha Panwar

8th Mar'21

Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly!

Samuel Beckett rightly said, Fail again, fail better. And this has become a basic mantra in the world of business and tech start-ups. Whereas, fail fast, fail better is the notion of failure as a route to success has taken a firm hold.

In recent years a similar obsession was seen seeping into literature, particularly in the memoir sector. Karl Ove Knausgård devoted several autobiographical volumes to everyday failures in My Struggle, and since then there has been a shower of fail-lit, in both fiction and non-fiction.


Let’s Debunk the Failure Myths!


The Failure of Myths

It’s important to get rid of some internal self-defeating garbage. It’s important to refuse to be identified as failures. And that’s the first step towards success. It frees us up to take the next step and start working towards our dreams, goals, and vision.

In refusing to be identified as a failure, we have protected ourselves from crippling fear. Unfortunately, we have not been absolved of our need to proceed skillfully. The notion of failure and the consequences of such do still remain.

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Myths about failure:

Learning should be a continuous objective for entrepreneurs. When you succeed, it’s only for now. There are always new problems with organization. The more you fail or lack, the more you learn and mistake less. Failure is to celebrate that it makes you what you need to have for getting success. 

Myths about failure:

People give more credit to failure than it deserves because we know more examples of where it has been pivotal to a success story rather than detrimental failure. Read more

Failure of myths:

Over the years, the idea of failure has taken on special significance in the world of entrepreneurship. Read more


Let’s Debunk the Failure Myths!


A New Perspective on Failure

Failure is a success in progress. It is important to embrace failure as it allows us to take more risks and stand strong. Once we come to phrases with having failed and survived, we can take greater risks, and with a new perspective is developed to fight against our weakness and stand strong to achieve our goals.

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4 new perceptive:

Failure plays an important role in pushing yourself more towards a massive success. As you get to learn about handle situations. No one gets success on the plate. You have to work hard and take failure as an opportunity to become a better version of yourself. Just need to change the perspective towards failure, how you can see your failure from a different vision, read more.

How to change failure perspective:

Every time you fail at something, you got yourselves behind walls. When you fail, you are given the opportunity of getting rid of what is no more useful for you. Read more


Debunking Failure Myths

The myths busted about failure, and the roadmap towards success needs to debunked to achieve our goals of life.

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The truth, however, is that the easy overnight success is a myth. There comes a time in the lifecycle of every company when it looks as though failure is right around the corner. Read more

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Failure is the most not so wished term for founders. When people think about startups, the word failure isn’t too far back in their minds. Read more

Entrepreneurship myths debunked:

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding ride which is worth the struggle and gets better with experience. Many entrepreneurs fall prey to these myths and take vital decisions which are not good for their career. If you are stepping in the entrepreneurship space, then you should read about the top 7 entrepreneurship myths debunked. Read more


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