Let’s Make Pets Your Best Friends!

Ayushi Vanzara

9th Feb'21
Let’s Make Pets Your Best Friends! | OpenGrowth

Pets are like snowflakes, all are beautiful in their own unique ways.

It’s not a surprise to pet owners but the research says that man’s best friend acts more human than pooches. Dogs are more like us than we thought. Pets have proven to be a constant companion for every individual.

During this pandemic, one positive side of the people staying at home is that it has brought the pet adoption ratio way up. 

A lot of people have just adopted their furry playmates. They are called Quarantine Critters or Pandemic Pets.

It’s great news that more pets are being adopted but at the same time, it also means that new pet owners have a responsibility to properly train their new companions before their lives become more normal, and many of us are back at full-time work.


Online Training for Pets

A small therapy is all you need to create a meaningful and safe interaction for animals. There are several online training centres committed to delivering rigorous and professional training experience to support handlers in providing AAI, with a focus on safety and welfare relations for both, the client and the animal. Along with it, several online courses are available to the public, whether you are a future or current therapy animal team, professional practitioner, or facility staff member.



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Training for Dogs

Training your dog to be your best friend needs a proper course and practice. Once you are done with training your dogs they are considered to a perfect partner in every situation.


Here are some links on training for dogs. Do read them.

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Animal Training Apps

In this tech-savvy world, where everything is done over a digital platform, similarly, animal training is also possible over digital platforms. There are several training apps to bring the best out of your pets.



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Pets Management Apps

Managing pets is a difficult task. It needs proper training to grow your pet in the manner you want. To manage your pets, there are numerous apps available out there that you can check out.


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