Mac vs Windows: Which is Right for You?

Sunny Samanta

17th Aug'21

Imagine your laptop shuts down forever today unceremoniously without any warning. Then there is another scenario where you want a computer. You look around on the internet and take advice from others, but somehow you are unsure which laptop or personal computer you should purchase. It happens because of the plethora of options and costs involved in the computer category. However, what makes this otherwise confusing state of mind calm down is the dominance of only two operating systems that are most common in computers, i.e., Mac and Windows.

While the Macs are the Apple-made computers, Windows are commonly noted as personal computers due to their extensive usage across different models of computers not built by Apple Inc. Ever since Apple introduced its first Mac to computer enthusiasts, a part of the world has become a never-ending Mac vs Windows debate. Too many personal computers remain the bread and butter, and then to some, Mac is the way. However, if you want to buy a laptop, you need to define your reasoning to buy either beyond all the debates and suggestions. Therefore, to help you with a final selection, I’ve compiled a set of factors to look into before locking an order.


Mac vs Windows


How to Get Started?

The first thing you should know about buying a computer is to know where to get started. For example, ask yourself – What is the primary purpose for purchasing a laptop? You can further put into consideration the capabilities and choices you are looking to have in a computer. Some of the everyday things people consider before buying a computer are:


  • Does it support multitasking, such as allowing you to jump between video conferences and office tools?
  • Does it support portability where you can use it constantly during frequent travels to connect with family and office?
  • Does it support extreme gaming to partake in various online gaming activities with your friends?


Likewise, there are so many other reasons to consider buying a computer. Some even keep one for daily use for entertainment, work, and everything in between. Now for evaluating the best option for you, here is the insight into both Mac and Windows computers. So, let’s start looking at them feature-wise to help you finalize which is right for you.


Log in


Mac vs Windows: Set up, Startup, and Log in

When you look at the Mac, the first thing that will have your attention is its iconic silver apple logo shining on a black screen. Next, you will have to set up the Mac with the help of Apple’s setup assistant, Siri. It will instruct you to enter details such as Apple ID, timezone, country or region, etc., before starting any function on it. Everything about the setup is seamlessly smooth. However, one thing that sticks out is boot-up time that may take between 30-90 seconds. You can log in to your Mac using the alphanumeric password that you have created. Some Macs also support Touch ID log-in features.




The best thing about it is its offering when it comes to Microsoft’s Windows and its latest version, i.e., Windows 10. Mac offers a limited selection to pick from, and Windows comes with high levels of functionality and a range of compatibility to select from as per your liking. Also, just like in Mac set up, you will have to enter details such as your country, language, username, password, and even preferred Wi-Fi connectivity. Furthermore, you will have Cortana, Windows 10 virtual assistant, to guide you through. The boot-up time in windows pretty much depends on the specs of the computer that you use. A Windows computer with high-level specs can boot up in just 10 seconds, while some may even take up 120 seconds or 2 minutes.

Similar to the Mac, in Windows 10 also you can sign in by using the alphanumeric password that you have created. Also, some of the compatible Windows PCs offer facial recognition as well.




Mac vs Windows: Pre-installed Software

The Mac operating system is fondly referred to as the MacOS. All the Macs come with pre-installed MacOS. It has a complete set of familiar apps that can be seen in other Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. Only in the Apple ecosystem will you find these apps. Some of the apps are Facetime and iMessage that are widely popular amongst Apple users around the globe. Also, it has its own App store from where you can download millions of applications.

Just like the Mac, Windows laptop and computers comes with its own unique set of basecamp apps and software. It has the Microsoft Store to help users download various apps and other apps to navigate the saved data and apps.


Note: One thing that separates the Mac from Windows is the availability of higher-featured apps in the App Store.


Windows 10


Mac vs Windows: Customization

Customization is a crucial feature when selecting any device – Be it a phone or a laptop. Any user-friendly device is likely to be sold more than ones that offer minimal customization. Mac excels in terms of customization as users can comfortably switch between the light and the dark mode. Also, you can set up your background, arrange the apps, adjust the font size, and a lot more.

Windows goes neck in neck compared with the Mac in terms of customization as it allows all the changes mentioned earlier that users could do in Macs. But in Windows, you can get extra customization options as it will enable various Windows-supported Google Chrome Extensions and Themes that can come in extremely useful in some cases. Also, in Windows, you can use animated backgrounds, whereas in Mac, you cannot.


File Management


Mac vs Windows: File Management and Search

File management is accessible in MacOS. Mac users will have options to “Spotlight Search” to find the file at any time. You can even arrange the files in perfect rows with just the click of a button. Users can keep their files in either List View, Portrait View, or more to search Mac. You can even have thumbnails in case of checking videos before opening them.

In Windows, users can refer to the GUI (Graphical User Interface) to look around for a file. The Windows 10 GUI is highly reliable and can be used comfortably. Also, if you want to go savvy, you can use the Windows “Command Prompt” feature to accomplish various functions. The search option in Windows 10 is at the bottom left. Here you can get filtered results by inserting just the file type or a name. The results are displayed quickly. However, eventually, it will start taking more time as you fill up your Windows computer.




Mac vs Windows: Security and Accessibility

Security, especially, cybersecurity is a prime concern when it comes to online activities. And when it comes security in Mac, you may have heard, “Macs can’t have viruses or be hacked.” Now, it will be slightly foolish of us to believe that; however, MacOS delivers the best when it comes to a secure operating system. At this point, its security features have become a unique selling point (USP) to attract more buyers. Likewise, Apple honors massive accessibilities to its users.

Windows clearly falls behind MacOS when it comes to providing a safe, secure operating system. Hackers are even known to target more Windows 10 users than MacOS users nowadays. A part of it stems from the Windows customization feature, where it allows for various extensions that Apple blocks in its Mac device. Nevertheless, if you can stick to safe browsing options, you will have little to worry about your computer getting hacked or virus-infected. Similar to the Mac, Windows ultimately delivers when it comes to providing accessibility to its uses. Users can enable a narrator or select colors to work with colorblindness.


Gaming Options


Mac vs Windows: Gaming Options

Video games are growing more popular in the current generations and game addiction is real. So, it only makes sense why some users would even consider gaming features before buying their personal computers. Whether you are a pro-gamer or casual, everyone would like to break up with their daily routine with a few online gaming activities. As far as gaming options are concerned, Windows 10 easily edges out Mac. Windows offers an overwhelming number of gaming titles, and it even makes dedicated gaming laptops and computers for enthusiasts. Mac, on the other hand, supports just a handful of gaming titles on its platform.




Mac vs Windows: Hardware Choices

Hardware choices in Mac are almost non-existent as Apple barely allows for hardware customization on its Macs. As a result, upgrading your Mac is nearly impossible. But in Windows, users have an abundance of choices to select the hardware for their computer. Users can choose hardware as per their requirements, from graphic chips such as Nvidia, AMD, Intel, etc., to extra RAM.


Mac vs Windows: Ecosystems

Now, the technological ecosystem is where Apple completely dominates the Windows users. Mac has its AirDrop, iMessage, App Store, Facetime to allow seamless connectivity across your other Apple devices.

Windows do have access to cloud storage such as OneDrive and Google Drive to maintain connectivity across devices. However, it doesn’t really feel like an ecosystem when you consider Apple’s web of connectivity.




Mac vs Windows: Price

For many users, the bucks stop at the cost of the device. Macs are generally costlier than Windows 10 computers. You can practically buy a laptop with similar features to that of a Macbook at a lower price. However, the difference starts to show when the computer turns a bit old. Older Windows 10 laptops lose their initial costs tag considerably, whereas Apple’s Mac remains consistent regarding pricing. As a result, Mac even holds a higher resale value in comparison to any Windows 10 computer.


Mac vs Windows: Which is Right for You?

If you have read through the several comparisons that have been made, you can understand that it is an apple to oranges comparison on several fronts. Having a Mac will grant its user some advantage; likewise, Windows 10 users will have some advantage over Mac users. Hence, quantifying which one is the best option for you will be wrong as only you can decide your requirements. And indeed, based on it, you can come up with a decision in this Mac vs Windows comparison.


We, at OpenGrowth, are committed to keeping you updated with the best content on the latest trendy topics from any major field. Also, both your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. So, do share them in the comment section below.

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