Israeli Startup Debuts AI-Driven Drug Therapy

Anurag Paul

13th Oct'23 Israeli Startup Debuts AI-Driven Drug Therapy | OpenGrowth

Despite recent challenges, Israeli biotech gem unveils its groundbreaking programmable drug treatment. Stay tuned for this game-changer! is harnessing the power of AI to craft lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), aiming to revolutionize drug treatments. "Our unique blend of hands-on experimentation and machine learning paves the way for quicker, sharper delivery methods, ushering in a new era of genetic and nucleic acid-based medicines," shared CEO Yogev Debbi. is diving deep into the realm of RNA-based treatments, which hold promise for tackling infectious diseases, cancers, and specific genetic disorders. However, as CEO Debbi points out, RNA molecules are delicate. "You can't simply introduce RNA into human cells; they disintegrate. They need a protective shield until they're safely inside the cells to function," Debbi explained. That's where steps in, crafting that essential protective package.

This week, Debbi's venture,, made a double splash: emerging from stealth mode and securing a whopping $19.5 million seed investment. Leading the funding round were notable names like Andreessen Horowitz Bio + Health, Base4 Capital, NFX, LionBird, and Technion.

What are the future goals of

Amidst preparing for a trip to San Diego to present at two pivotal conferences about his company's innovative drug discovery methods, Debbi faced an unexpected challenge due to the attack.

Although had been quietly researching their approach for years leading up to this week's big reveal, the circumstances made the decision to move forward complex. The promise of expedited drug discovery holds universal benefits, but navigating the current situation required careful consideration.

"We grappled with the decision, weighing the impact and questioning our next steps," Debbi shared. "To put it into perspective, we're heartbroken in Israel. This is the most challenging period I've ever experienced," he confided to TechCrunch.

Following the attack, all departures from Israel were halted, making his trip to America and the presentation impossible. However, Debbi emphasized the significance of proceeding with the launch despite these hurdles, underscoring the vital nature of their work.

Despite the challenges, Debbi remains steadfast, stating, "Our dedication remains unwavering - to our objectives, our collaborators, and to the patients who could greatly benefit from our drug development."

Launching any startup is a formidable task, and in a field as unpredictable as biotech, the stakes are even higher. Introducing such an endeavor amidst a wartime backdrop amplifies the challenges exponentially. Yet,'s resolve remains unshaken.

"In the face of overwhelming adversity, amidst the constant barrage of heart-wrenching news, our company has both the honor and obligation to persevere and maintain our course," Debbi expressed. "This stance is not just a message to our team, but a beacon to our nation and the global community."

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