Managing and Repairing Your Business’s Online Reputation

Managing and Repairing Your Business’s Online Reputation | OpenGrowth

The pandemic has made us understand the importance of online working. Right from shopping, working, transactions, all the basics of our lives have moved to the virtual world. We are dodging from the physical world to the virtual world all the time. We are even in touch with our friends mainly through the internet. 

Therefore, the most important thing today is maintaining your reputation on the internet. Your credibility, your business, and even your job depend on how well you portray yourself digitally. Even a minor flaw in portraying your digital profile can prove to be of great loss. 

Today, your reputation online is more important than your talent, location, or service. To run a business successfully, you need to design your digital image strategically. 

These tips are a perfect guide on how you can manage and repair your business’s online reputation. 


Evaluate your negatives

In this ever-demanding world, you cannot suffice to the needs of everyone. Therefore people are bound to give you some negative comments on various platforms. These comments might hamper your business. You can make a list of such people and cater to them individually. Even businesses and services getting back to their customers for feedback helps change their perspective towards you. 


Don’t Ignore 

You may not want to come into the public's eye, and therefore you might not respond to feedback. Though you do not answer the concern on digital platforms for others to view them, no concern should be ignored internally. They should be taken seriously and changes should be made accordingly so that such concerns are not raised by your clients again. Remember, repeatedly getting negative feedback or a comment raising concerns about your business on digital platforms always goes negative for your business. 



Stick to one social media account 

Try sticking to only one social media account on all the platforms. Being inactive on social media accounts or continuously changing your social media handles is never a productive move. Your credibility is generated on these platforms with the number of followers and how active you respond to your customers here. Mishandling them can be of great loss for your business. 


Don’t get emotional 

When you are running your own business, you tend to get emotionally attached to it. You become defensive when someone gives a negative remark or a comment about your work. In such cases, you can involve your team members to handle the situation. 


Set and execute action plans 

One thing you need to plan along with your sales strategy is your social media management. You need to set long-term resolutions which need to be acted upon immediately. Drafting a strategy and making it happen on time is important in the digital world. 


Know how much control 

Not always, you can have complete control over every situation, especially on digital platforms. However, what you have control over is maintaining the digital reputation of your organization by timely interacting with your clients and customers. 


Know when to take legal action 

One important thing that you should know is the difference between defamation, libel, and slander. You should always retain a legal advisor if you feel that any of the below comments have gone beyond limits. Also, if you get stuck in somewhere, you can always go for a legal advice for entrepreneurs



Seek help from experts 

When in doubt, shout it out. Seeking help from experts is always a profitable action for any business. In this case, you can consult a reputation expert to help if you get stuck somewhere or in doubt to handle a particular situation. 

Working on the online reputation of your business will decide its bright future and a positive acceptance in the market. 


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