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Mental Health And Work: Cause And Consequences


15th Dec'21
Mental Health And Work: Cause And Consequences | OpenGrowth

Mental health is one of the top priorities among individuals at the workplace. Nowadays, people consider their mental health over their salary. The side effects of poor mental health are the sole reason for such awareness. As things keep changing, it’s essential to understand the importance of mental health in detail.

Supporting mental health is a necessity at the workplace now. You can’t ignore this fact anymore due to the high level of stress in humans.

However, companies may ignore discussing the importance of mental health at work. The lack of awareness about mental health is a major concern here. Whereas if you’re an organization looking for strategies to increase productivity. Ensure to create mental wellness solutions to help your employees thrive in the first step.

Similarly, employees can ask for mental wellness programs from their employers.  Mental health programs are important for both employees and employers at work.

It’s essential to understand that complexities at the workplace can majorly affect mental health. But before diving into the mental health programs, it’s significant to understand the basics.

Let’s look at the importance of mental health and how it impacts the performance of employees. Read the article completely to improve your employee's performance and implement better mental health policies.


The Importance Of Mental Health At Work

The days of excluding mental health at the workplace are no longer possible. Due to the changing environmental issues, the work culture has been impacted majorly. Many companies have adopted a remote working culture, changed their shift timing and much more. Meanwhile, positive mental health is essential to face challenges and find opportunities. 

Having good mental health will allow you to express, recognize, and regulate emotions. It allows companies to coordinate all the employees and enable social skills. 



Positive mental health can also boost your employee's responsibilities at work. This will help individuals to cope with changing roles and environments. Though you can find many difficult challenges, it's all worth your efforts. By doing so, you can manage stress and boost your business towards its highest productivity.


Mental Health and Work-related Risk Factors 

Employee mental health gets affected majorly in the workplace due to: 


Lack of Health and Safety Policies

Workplace health and safety measures can protect the well-being of your employees. Ensure to structure your policies to safeguard your employers. 

For instance, you can include general policies that ensure employees' safety on a daily basis. You can provide a commitment to employees regarding their safety. This may include consultations with employees to discuss their health issues, etc. Suppose you’ve ever received employee complaints regarding health and safety policies. Provide an immediate response without any delay to ensure their safety.

Moreover, your health and safety policies can influence the employee's mental health to a great extent. This will lead to loss of staff, risk prosecution, and reduce your profitability.


Inadequate Communication and Workflow Management

Be polite and engage your employees in a kind manner. Good communication and management practices can build better relationships between employer and employee. 

Poor communication can destroy your relationship with employees. This will create mental health issues and reduce the workflow in your company.


Inadequate Support For Employees

Managers should have a positive approach with employees if you hesitate to reduce the obstacles and share valuable resources. Then employees may end up feeling unmotivated at the workplace. 

For instance, if the employees find complexities in certain tasks. You can figure out solutions and help them to do the tasks easily. Instead of asking questions about the delay, just demonstrate the way to complete tasks early.


Performance Pressure

It’s advisable to reduce the work pressure among employees. You shouldn’t expect the employees to perform well every day. This kind of unreasonable pressure will exhaust the employees and increase their workload.


Job Insecurity

In times of Covid-19, many employees lost their jobs due to unprecedented challenges. In such cases, employees will be stressed about paying their own bills. As a result, Job losses and salary delays can significantly affect your employees' mental health.


The Consequences Of Mental Health Issues 

Let’s discuss the five major consequences of poor mental health in the workplace: 


Demotivation and Loss of Engagement

Poor mental health will lead to a lack of focus and demotivation at your workplace. If a person has mental health issues, your mind will find it difficult to resolve simple tasks. 


Job Performance and Productivity

The performance of employees will determine their mental strength at the workplace. If you don’t have a stable mind, it’s hard to bring creativity and resilience to tasks. However, you can’t perform well without these skills in almost all kinds of job roles.



Physical capability 

To increase performance, you need to reduce social anxiety at the workplace. Without good mental health, people may feel depleted from daily tasks and physical capabilities. 



When you’re emotionally weak, It’s difficult to explain your thoughts. But good communication is essential at the workplace. However, Poor mental health will not allow you to speak out your ideas. 


Poor decision-making

Poor mental health May lead to poor decision-making due to loss of control and negative thoughts. This is the major drawback at the workplace as you can find employees' hatred towards company policies and much more.


Want To Redefine Mental Health In The Workplace? 

Create awareness about mental health in your workplace. Talking about employees' mental health experiences is the first step for success. If you’re an employer, support for good mental health in your company. Ensure that no employees are suffering from poor mental health in your company.

Focus on your employees' wellness to reduce stress and increase productivity. All these steps will help you to flourish over competitors. In addition, provide complete support and access to the contributions of every individual. With these thoughts, companies can even conduct the best mental health programs for their employees.


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