Mentorship At Work, A Much-Needed Phenomenon Today

Mentorship At Work, A Much-Needed Phenomenon Today | OpenGrowth

‘A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself,’ Oprah Winfrey. 

We all need mentors at some point in our careers. We are aware that finding a good mentor is the key to success. Be it a formal arrangement of mentorship programs or an informal one, employees at some point find their mentors. However, mostly the process of finding a mentor is done informally, as not many organizations favor conducting mentorship programs.  Other than the essential skills you need to suceed, you also need a good mentor. 

What they do not realize is that mentoring in organizations is ideal for retaining top talent and building a new generation of leaders. Many organizations find that mentoring in organizations is a key competence among their leaders. 

Let us understand how mentoring in an organization is an important process to help them build leaders. 


What is mentoring in organizations? 

We know that good mentors always create good leaders. A guidebook, Seven Keys to Successful mentoring defines mentoring as an intentional developmental relationship in which a more experienced and more knowledgeable person nurtures the professional and personal life of a less experienced, less knowledgeable person. 

If numbers are considered, a mentor has been in that profession longer and has more authority within the organization than a mentee. This power and experience make a mentor create a greater impact on the mentee. 

Mentoring at work is needed to motivate individuals to learn and grow within the organization. This opportunity provides them to learn and explore opportunities and mutually develop relationships with their mentors. Organizing mentorship programs is now refining the workplace culture.

 What does the organization get in return? 

It gets to explore every employee who can be a potential manager, leader and can conduct their team well to benefit the organization. 



Benefits of Mentoring in Organizations 

Here the question arises on who benefits from organization mentorship programs in the organization. Well, both the employees and the organization benefit from these programs. These mentorship programs help in balancing team, investor and customer, expectations with scale. Let us know-how. 


How does an organization benefit from mentoring programs? 

For an organization, what matters is attracting and retaining more talent for a more productive output. This also increases organizational commitment among the employees who are in constant search of developmental opportunities. Since the mentors are associated with the organization for a long time, they have a well-developed view of the organization and its dynamics. Thus, they have a greater impact and influence on the mentees. This, in turn, helps the organization build a certain picture in the minds of the employees. A picture that the organization wants to paint in the minds of their employees. 


How does an employee benefit from these mentoring programs? 

Employees are always seeking new opportunities. These mentoring programs are an opportunity for them to interact with some experienced mentors from or outside the organization and connect with them personally. They understand their prospect as employees in the organization. They then have a greater acceptance of the organization. 


Do mentors benefit from these programs? 

Well, yes, mentors, too, benefit from the mentorship programs. Many studies and research have shown that mentors have greater job satisfaction when interacting with fresh talent. 

Organizations mistake mentoring into coaching, which is a completely different concept. Though they are related, they play different roles for an organization. However, they may overlap sometimes; both the mentors and mentees must know the difference between mentoring and coaching. 


Mentoring at work encourages inclusive cultures 

Mentoring at work always opens doors to a broad-minded work atmosphere. Leaders from various backgrounds participate in mentorship programs at work and encourage the involvement of people from various cultures, backgrounds, gender, race, and social identities. An inclusive, diverse work environment is always more productive than a conservative workspace. 



Coaching vs Mentoring - Understand the difference 



At a workplace, coaching typically involves enhancing the current performance of an employee. It involves resolving temporary issues by giving them proper training. In coaching, the employee and the coach do not develop a long-term relationship that helps each other rise in their careers. They share a cordial and formal relationship. 



Mentoring is a much more complicated process than coaching. Mentors guide their mentees through their career paths. It involves a mentor making the mentee capable so that they can reach the heights in their careers. They motivate, inspire, and heavily influence the mentees and develop a strong bond between them. 



Mentoring at work might seem strange for those who still believe in the traditional conservative methods of running an organization. However, those who have opted for mentorship programs at work have certainly benefited from them. It is high time we realize why mindset matters for success. 


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