Mentorship Program: Refining Workplace Culture

The workplace environment is bliss when employees are happy, engaged, and productive and that happens when the individual needs and the needs of the organization are in sync. The extrinsic compensations of salary and windfalls might be enough to get top talent in the fence, but it will not be enough to retain employees or to bring out their best efforts. Employees reach their full potential when their job also brings intrinsic reward. The feeling of doing significant work that is connected to their own personal and professional development.

The most impressive things about an effective mentoring program is how far the positive ripple effects reach. Mentoring windfalls an organization by improving job satisfaction and retention, and support in the personal and professional development of the mentee. 


Strategy for Mentoring Program

It is believed that a good mentor can act as a bridge between individual and organizational needs and between extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. To grasp the best from a variety of mentorship programs different strategies are designed depending upon the needs of the organisation.

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Mentorship Program Guidelines

A promising mentor has a deep knowledge in an area that the mentee wishes to develop. A good mentorship program guidelines includes a willingness to share failures and personal experiences. It involves both experiences and provides valuable opportunities for learning.

The objective of a mentorship program is to provide an additional source of support during an employee's orientation but mentorship can also come later in a worker's time with the company for refining the workplace culture.

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Implementing the Mentorship Program

A mentoring program is a structured, often one-to-one relationship in work, organization or academic setting. A well-functioning mentoring program requires strategic planning and organization to connect populations across the globe, increase knowledge and build skills for future goals and milestones. This complete process needs to be implemented in the best possible way to get the best outcome.

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