Millennials: Shaping the Business World

Millennials: Shaping the Business World | OpenGrowth

The millennial generation continues to grow and make an impact all over the world. Similarly, the business world is starting to see increased changes brought on by this generation. A major shift in the landscape of today's workspace is seen all around. At the same time, some are still getting used to the idea of this millennial-friendly work environment. Many major corporations are making some significant changes to accommodate this revolutionary generation's lifestyle and needs.


Millennials purpose


Corporate Purpose

Before getting into any sort of business, the purpose should be clear. Everyone is talking about purpose and profit these days. Customer’s employees are particularly insistent about seeing evidence of purpose and profit that any business makes. 

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Business to shift its Purpose

Almost two-thirds of millennials want to leave their organizations by 2020. This generation of millennials comes with a different mindset and work accordingly to bring some changes. For them, it isn't easy to work in such an environment.

Millennials are considered to be tech-savvy. They love humble brags, and businesses can leverage them to increase exposure and drive brand loyalty. They love to work with some fun elements. And these fun elements can be by giving out rewards and membership, offering social media contests, or tapping influencers. So, businesses must adjust how they nurture loyalty among millennials or risk losing a large percentage of their workforce.

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The Job-Hopping Generation

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Millennials Value

Millennials are the job-hopping generation. They have a strong desire for a flexible job, challenging tasks, feedback, and learning opportunities. Their values are a product of their surrounding atmosphere in which they reside, and it somewhat the same as all other generations. They are the generation that grew up with technology, the internet, and social media.

The basic purpose of millennials is that they want to matter. Generally, millennials grew up negotiating choices of their families and at school. Thus, today they only want to be and feel significant in their professional and personal lives. 

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Millennials values

Sustainability is the foremost thing in milenials list. 

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Characteristics of millennials

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Characteristics Of Millennials That Support Sustainable Development purpose

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Profit and Purpose: Doubled Profit line focus for Millennials

Millennials are driving the demand for purpose-driven business. They prefer purposeful business over profit purpose-driven. They focus on a doubled profit line to bring the best for their organization.

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