Mom with an Agenda: Nina Restieri

Sunny Samanta

13th May'21
Mom with an Agenda: Nina Restieri | OpenGrowth

“There’s no greater journey than the one that you must take to discover all of the mysteries that lie within you.” – Michelle Sandlin.


You can be great at both motherhood and running a business. This is, by far, the biggest takeaway from the life of Nina Restieri so far. So, who is she? She is the founder/president of momAgenda. This post is dedicated to covering her incredible journey from crying behind locked bathrooms to setting up a roadmap for other women to rise above the mom-life crisis and write your own success story.


About Nina Restieri

Hailing from Connecticut, Nina Restieri is a wife and a mother of four kids. She had a successful career where she spent some time as an advertising executive, the president of a family business, and a stay-at-home mom. 


She was widely regarded in her circle as a person who had “It all.” However, deep down, irrespective of how other people saw her life, she knew happiness eluded her. She even tried to force herself to be grateful for things that she had.


But she failed, and it drove her to the dark space where she realized the pain, the sadness, and the overwhelming stress that most mothers go through while trying to fit in that “perfect mom” role. Knowing she can’t let herself succumb to that, she desperately started looking for a change. A change that would take her on a ten years-long journey to unexpected places, from breakdowns in her bathroom to the pole dancing studios.




Foundation of momAgenda

When Nina Restieri embarked on her self-discovery journey, little did she know of what she will have to go through? All she knew and believed is that she deserved better. And her single emotion of hers turned out to be the turning point in her life as she laid the foundation of the momAgenda. This is a weekly planner review guide that she created to simplify her life and then went onto using the same to help others who needed it, especially mothers.


She started momAgenda when her kids were one, three, five, and seven years of age. The idea of momAgenda struck her when she started thinking about wedding planners on one chaotic day in her life. She soon realized that brides had hundreds of options to choose their wedding plans from. However, there’s not a single such plan for mothers to help them organize their lives. This led her to primarily focus on momAgenda to manage products that can better the lives of a mother. With this, she kept on diversifying the range of products to offer with every passing year to make a difference. And fifteen years later, her hard work had struck a chord with women across the country who aspired to make theirs as well as their children’s life is more manageable. 


The Highlight of the Journey

The biggest highlight of Nina Restieri’s journey is that she had grown her business nonstop for fifteen years in this competitive world. It is a testament to her belief and determination to effectively make life easier for people struggling with balance in their lives. But the moment that fueled her beliefs was when her first run of products immediately sold out to 120 stores in just three days.


Today, momAgenda has its own loyal customer base and Nina Restieri feels immense joy in having helped so many mothers out there and is working towards helping and inspiring more like her. She even has authored a successful handbook known as “Overcoming the Mom-Life Crisis.” The book aims at helping the mother balancing their mom-life crisis with the help of managing a to-do list. Due to success attained by momAgenda, she featured in numerous outlets, namely the NBC’s Today Show, MSNBC, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, The Early Show, New York Times, and The Huffington Post.



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