Neon: The Newest Color Trend

Beauty Kumari

10th Sep'20
Neon: The Newest Color Trend | OpenGrowth

Fashion month can be compared to a crystal ball. It gives us a glance into our (wardrobe-related) futures by showcasing what is going to be wearing in six months' period. And it was evident in the spring/summer 2019-2020 runways that the industry's obsession with revivify '80s trends is indicating no signs of waning. Neon is the new trend. 

Fluorescent clothes and accessories were famous on several designer catwalks this year - think Gucci, Versace, Prada - and, unsurprisingly, it's a trend that ran straight for the high street. Neon color ranges are the key palette of the season. Companies backed neon across apparel, footwear, and accessories - and seen great responses.


 Neon Fashion Trend History 

You’re probably living under an online rock if you haven’t seen just how rapidly the neon trend is taking over the fashion and beauty event. From nails to boots, hemmed skirts and more this bright, statement-making color is pretty much the coolest thing on Instagram right now. While neutrals, darks, and pastels have conquered the fashion scene over the past few years, the sudden rise of neon has led to comparisons with the 80s. Versace‘s Ready-To-Wear collection showcase was all about neon and more. Neon has seen on the runway for Versace‘s Spring Ready-To-Wear line which occurred in 1996. While more subtle colors were favored during the 1970s, ultra-bright colors, comprising hot pink and electric purple, characterized the 1980s, making it the decade of neon. Neon's increased visibility has also made it a favorite among nightlife and festival lovers.

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How to Wear The Neon Trend?

When it comes to the hottest trends, neon shades usually top the list. They are too bold to wear every day and too bright to pass unseen. In 2020, neon in all its variety again became a fashion trend. With the onset of summer, neon is ensured to remain at the maximum of popularity, because hot, sunny days and bright shades are just built for each other. If you’re just beginning to experiment with these vivid colors, try starting with one color at a time, on one dress, and let it stand out on its own. Whether it’s a blouse, a jacket, or a pair of shoes, make that one item the protagonist of your dress; pair it with another outfit in neutral complexions such as white, beige or black.



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