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New Sustainable Sneakers Made from Fruit Waste


14th Dec'21
New Sustainable Sneakers Made from Fruit Waste | OpenGrowth

“Sustainable fashion is not the trend, but the future” - Anonymous.

The sneaker industry is termed one of the biggest industries in the market.  Every year, more than twenty-three billion pairs of them are manufactured. Sneaker culture is the part of fast fashion that somehow has become the major contributor to waste production damaging the environment. But what if you find a fantastic pair of eco-friendly sneakers? You will surely love it!

This year of the pandemic has made us realize the importance of mother nature. We are surrounded by nature and saving it from pollution is our duty. Industrialization is always the root cause of pollution in the environment. To make the environment safe and pollution-free, big brands have taken severe steps to control the pollution caused by their industries. The brands are turning towards sustainable development. MoEa is one of the companies that went eco-friendly. The brand has launched eco-friendly sneakers made from upcycled fruit waste.


The Eco-Friendly Sneakers 

MoEa stands for Mother Earth. It is a sneaker brand, making the coolest bio-sneakers from plants and fruits. The company claims that the sneakers emit 89 percent fewer carbon emissions than traditional leather as they are made from grapes, apples, pineapple, and corn.

Achille Gazagnes, Benoit Habfast, and Simon de Swart designed the sneakers in France.  They are made from the combinations of food waste like grape pulp, apple waste, non-edible corn, pineapple leaves, cactus leaves with organic cotton, or recycled plastic, depending on the plant.

MoEa also claims that shoes are cruelty-free and after use, consumers can send in their shoes and in exchange, they will receive a ten percent discount code. The company will recycle the shoes into soles and in doing so, the company will be able to save 40 percent rubber in each pair of soles.

The company also launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It has also been selected by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as a member of the French Startup club and has pledged to support the WWT Forest Protection program financially. 


White Sneakers


Statement from the Co-Founder of MoEa

“We’ve launched MoEa to create sneakers that offer the same level of style and comfort you’d expect to see in your favorite leather pair, whilst ensuring that the planet isn’t some sort of a meaningless afterthought and that animals aren’t treated with cruelty.” said,  Achille Gazagnes, co-founder of the company. 


Companies Manufacturing  Eco-Friendly Sneakers 

Alike MoEa, many sneaker companies are working for an eco-friendly environment. Let’s have a look at a few of them. 



Nike has always been in the headlines for pushing boundaries in sportswear innovation. In the year 2018, Nike was recognized as a textile exchange for using the most recycled polyester in the industry for the sixth year in a row. The brand transformed 6.4 billion plastic bottles into recycled footwear.

Even recently, the brand debuted its Space Hippie Collection, manufactured by using vegan fabrics and upcycled material made from recovered plastic bottles and textile factory waste.




Nothing New 

Nothing New came into existence in 2019. It is a sneaker startup that aims towards a positive impact on the planet and to educate people living on it. The brand is working towards improving eco-friendliness, sustainability at a very core level.  

Even the name of the company suggests that Nothing New sneakers are only manufactured with recycled material. The upper part of the sneaker is 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, while the other components are made from recycled cotton, fishing net, and rubber.

Apart from the production process, Nothing New offers $20 limits on new combines to the individuals who send back their pre-owned shoes. Contingent upon the state of the shoes, Nothing New will clean and give them or separate them and set the materials back into its reused production network.


Sustainable Sneakers


Converse Renew 

Converse Renew uses 100 percent recycled plastic bottles to make the uppers canvas of the shoes. The interaction begins with plastic obtained by UK-based recycling organization First Mile. The plastic is then ground up into pieces, dissolved, moved into bundles, turned into yarn, and meshed into a canvas. The best part of the company is that it offers customizable shoes of every size.



ID.EIGHT is an Italian sneaker brand. The brand is making sneakers from the by-products of the food industry. The company primarily use four materials drive from apples, grapes, seeds, and pineapples for manufacture: Pinatex, made with the waste leaves of pineapple growing in the Philippines; Vegea, from the bio-polymerization of marc in Italy; apple skin obtained from the bio-polymerization of apples peels and cores from Italy. The upper sole, laces, and label is also made up of recycled material.

A team member of ID.EIGHT stated that “In recent years, the amount of agri-food waste used to make sustainable products has gone from 0 to over 30 tons per month. A great resource is used to produce, for example, the ‘paper’ used for handkerchiefs and kitchen rolls, and the material we use for our sneakers”



Due to climate change sustainable fashion has become a new trend. Brands are thinking out of the box for saving the environment and the consumers. The eco-friendly sneaker is a booming innovation and is setting a new mark in the market. 

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