New Tech Features To Help Remote Workers and Small Businesses

Jyotshana Rani

17th Mar'21

Coronavirus pandemic has pushed multiple things out of the market and added a few, be it the functioning of the market or changes in technology. And to stand firm in the market, you need to be updated with all the changes taking place. Everything happened so fast that you may not be able to keep up with all the things.


So, here are a few additions in technology that happened recently and how they affect your business:


1. Google workspace new feature to help remote workers

Remote working became the new normal in 2020. Although things are slowly getting back to normal, the fear is still there, and people are looking for ways to avoid going to crowded places. In such a situation, working remotely will continue for sure. So, keeping it in mind, Google updated its productivity software to include applications that will help remote workers collaborate and improve their workflows better. Now, the Google Workspace users can ask about the meeting, send messages through Google Assistant seamlessly which was earlier available only for supported devices and runs in beta version for Smart Displays and smart speakers.


This feature will open communications and collaboration channels between corporate teams and frontline workers safely and securely. Apps like G-Chat, Gmail, Google Docs, and Drive and business-grade security features will keep the company’s data secure and help frontline workers digitize their work by building custom AppSheet on Google Sheets and Drive. Apart from that, it will also enable users to fully participate in all kinds of activities hosted by Google Meet using any device and irrespective of their location. 


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2. Microsoft Mesh


Source: Microsoft

Tech giant Microsoft introduced Microsoft Mesh, a collaborative platform that allows anyone to have shared virtual experiences on a variety of devices. This technology is brought to make virtual interactions more natural, more engaging, and more human.

It mainly offers three benefits for people at work and in education:

  1. It will help you feel more connected with your team and lessen the meeting fatigue.

  2. To make meetings more inclusive and engaging. And

  3. To help streamline your work and save time.

These features include together mode, video filters, live reactions, touchless meeting experiences among others. People using Mesh will be presented as virtual avatars from AltospaceVR. In short, it will allow people to appear not as an avatar but as themselves virtually in a space.


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3. Square is the new bank


Source: American Banker

Square is a financial payment firm run by Jack Dorsey and recently it launched an in-house bank that will allow it to operate easily in an increasingly crowded fintech market. Square got the FDIC approval in 2020, and now it will be operating as a subdivision of Square, and its current focus is on being able to provide financing service for sellers of Square in the United States.

It will be providing funding to small businesses which is indeed a piece of great news for businesses needing capital, but the buyers will not be much happier as the interest rates are higher as compared to a traditional bank.


4. The National Cyber Security Centre new tool

Cybercrime has been increasing at a faster pace, and now the pandemic has made everything virtual which means the data are more prone to cyberattacks. This is more threatening for small businesses as they do not necessarily have much capital to spend on cybersecurity. But, the new tool known as the ‘Cyber Action Plan’ launched by The National Cyber Security Centre will help small businesses keep their networks safe from cybercrime and hackers. How? 


Source: Kalamazoo IT

It will offer free-of-charge services and assist small businesses in staying safe against cybercriminals. It will provide a framework for organisations on how they can secure their networks from hackers and where their cybersecurity could be improved.


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5. Delivery robots

People are looking for contact-less deliveries due to covid-19, and this is what gave birth to delivery robots. Besides, it may also give rest to the complaints against the delivery service and help the brand build better relations with the customers.

The robotics division of the on-demand delivery startup, Postmates X acquired by Uber last year, is all set to become a separate company known as Serve Robotics and it is seeking investors in its bid for the same. Many restaurants and local retailers have already turned to delivery robots due to the pandemic. Now, it would be interesting to see how this startup will rule over the delivery services.


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