NFT Courses Offering Everything You Need to Know About Digital Assets  


11th Apr'22
NFT Courses Offering Everything You Need to Know About Digital Assets   | OpenGrowth

“NFTs are digital birth certificates.” - Dane Scarborough. 

Except for the people living in the caves, everyone is aware of the new internet phenomenon called NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Why? Because many people are getting rich because of NFTs. The concept has caught everyone’s attention and investment. From music to simple selfies, NFTs have taken the world by storm.

While the world was battling the pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus, the digital assets were rising. The growing interest in NFTs has increased the demand for online courses to understand NFT trading and minting on the blockchain. So, taking into consideration your needs, I will give you a tour of the best NFT online courses suitable for beginners to pros. 

A  Quick Overview of NFTs

For those who don’t know about NFT, it is a digital asset living on a blockchain. It can be used in digital rights management to establish ownership and track the changes in ownership over time. 

NFT doesn't need to be an art form. It can be an audio recording, a tweet, or a PDF. According to Nick Donarski, CEO of ORE-System and a veteran of cybersecurity and blockchain technology, “ There is no difference between an NFT and a document with metadata.” 

It is not a new concept in the market. The concept of NFTs was introduced way back in 2014 but has now gained momentum in the global market. The global NFT market is booming. According to The Block Research, “ NFT trade volume jumped nearly three-fold in January to $6.66 billion from $2.67 billion in December.” 

NFT Courses

Courses Offering Everything About NFTs

The following are some short-term online courses that you can opt to learn about NFTs. Do you know the best part? These courses have no eligibility criteria, so anyone interested can learn from them. 

1. Introduction to NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokes 

The one-hour course offered by Linkedin Learning is for beginners. It provides a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the fundamental concepts of NFTs. This course will tell you about NFTs, including their basics in the blockchain and how you can create your own NFTs using cryptocurrency trading platforms. 

2. The Ultimate NFT class 2022: Buy, Sell, Create, and Trade

Offered by Skillshare, the course is about 5 hours and 51 minutes. The course will teach you how to buy, sell, create, and even trade NFTs with real-life examples. From basics to trading, the course covers everything that you want to know about NFTs. 

3. Master NFTs in Seven Days Course 

It is a seven-day compressive masterclass offered by NAS Academy. It focuses on the ropes of understanding, creating, minting, and trading NFTs. The course will help you understand key elements of NFTs that include safe investment and strategies to avoid money loss and scams. 

4. The Complete NFT Course: Learn Everything About NFTs 

The 4.5 hours long course is offered by Udemy. It includes all the basics you need to know to get involved in the fast-paced NFT world. With this course, you will learn to create NFTs step-by-step.

5. NFT Art Masterclass 

NFT Art Masterclass is a compact program offered by Skillshare. The course is for beginners who want to understand the driving concepts behind NFTs. The course includes: what are NFTs, how they obtain value, and how to maximize profit from them. 

NFT online courses

6. Generate Daily Profits Using NFTs 

The 4.5 hours course is a masterclass offered by Udemy on making profits from NFTs. The course has several detailed steps that will help you make profits from NFTs. It contains strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you generate profits. 

7. NFT Fundamental Course 

 The NFT Fundamental Course is a 3-hour solid course offered by 101 Blockchains. The course is for beginners who are curious to expand into the market by grasping both crypto and the NFT industry. It allows you to understand both the NFTs and the Ethereum blockchain. 

8. Build an NFT Marketplace 

The course offered by Moralis Academy is designed for learners to understand end-to-end dApps (decentralized apps ) on the Ethereum blockchain. During your learning, you will get an opportunity to test and build your dApps and smart contracts. 

9. Certified NFT Expert 

The two-day-long course offered by the  Blockchain Council explores every existing NFT aspect within the Ethereum ecosystem. The course is for beginners and for those who want to increase their digital finance literacy. 

By the end of the course, you will understand NFTs, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. The course is the best NFT course online if you want certification. 

NFT Courses

10. Decentralized Finance Primitives

Offered by Coursera, the course talks about transaction mechanics. It also introduces both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Moreover, the 6-hour course also explores supply adjustment that includes the minting and burning of tokes. 


Sandesh Suvarna, VP at Wazir NFT Marketplace, says, “ NFTs are here to stay. The user adoption is really good, although it can be complicated for a layman and difficult to buy.”  

Many experts said that the NFT market is still small, but investors are showing keen interest. Therefore, it is the right time for you to learn and jump into the digital asset market. You can opt for any of the above courses to learn and educate yourself about NFTs. 

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