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Office Relocation Project Plan, Checklist & Best Practices - A Complete Guide

Mallika Khandelwal

19th Jul'22
Office Relocation Project Plan, Checklist & Best Practices - A Complete Guide | OpenGrowth

The fact that moving is a part of life doesn’t make it any less stressful. Moving to a new office space can be downright overwhelming. There are so many moving parts involved and a small mistake in this process can be disastrous to the business. 

Below is a brief, complete guide to tips and things you need to put into consideration when you have an upcoming office relocation project.


Consider Your Office Requirements

This is one of the first aspects to take into consideration when planning an office relocation. Things such as the new office’s location, the size of your space, and interior design, for instance, are of paramount importance. 

The same goes for minor details like the number of electrical outlets needed and where. Will you need extra office furniture? Is the space large enough to accommodate all your employees and office equipment? Will you need to do a remodel to make the new office suitable for your business needs and operations? 

Whether you’re expanding or downsizing, one thing is certain. You will still need great working space. Additionally, you need to consider exposure - which means considering a location that will help to put your business out there and make it more accessible to your customers. 


Create a Moving Budget

An office move is rarely cheap. This is why it pays to plan yourself financially before moving, which means creating a budget for your move. Having a moving budget in place can help avoid unexpected expenses and make your office move a little less stressful. You can also find affordable moving companies to help you relocate the office stuff.

While at it, some common costs you can expect to incur include: 

  • Rent (including security deposit)

  • Moving supplies

  • Movers’ costs

  • Cleaning and decluttering costs

  • Utility setup costs

  • Remodelling costs, if any are needed

  • New furniture purchase where necessary

  • Miscellaneous costs

Create a moving budget

Take Inventory

Taking an account of everything in your office will help determine how much the move will cost. Items that you no longer have use for can be donated to charities or otherwise, sold. While at it, securing your valuable data is also a key takeout. You will also need to ensure the security of valuable items before the moving company arrives. 

This will help prevent damage. And for the items that you no longer use or need at the moment, you can always consider renting a storage unit to keep them secure. 


Consider The Building Rules

Unless you own the building you are moving out of or into, then there are building rules that might affect the relocation process. In some states, for instance, you might need certain permits when moving into a new office.

This is especially when it comes to occupational safety and regulatory compliance. Before the move, ensure that you've notified your landlord.


Get Professional Help 

An office relocation is a huge move and one that requires the utmost caution. You can do it by yourself but why go through all that trouble when you have a relocation specialist guide. Including an expert in your relocation plans can greatly help ease the load. 

Below are some of the benefits you can expect from working with a relocation specialist. 

  • Packing will be made easy - Relocation specialists help you get the right moving company for your needs. This also means that all your office items are well packaged, so you and your employees will have an easy experience. Handling of valuable items is also prioritized to minimize damages.

  • You can get affordable shipping rates - If you are moving your office overseas, then hiring a relocation consultant might come in handy in terms of negotiating for better shipping rates. 

  • Better customer service - Working with experienced movers has its perks. On the receiving end are customer care agents working tirelessly to ease your restlessness. 

  • Time-saving - It will save you time having an experienced mover work on your behalf. 


Get Professional Help


Moving Non-essentials Yourself

You can always move smaller items on your own to save time and money on your moving day. Plants, small boxes, and office stationery can easily be handled without the need to incur additional costs.

Depending on the nature of your work, make new storage arrangements to help save up on space. 



If you have employees on your payroll, then it’s wise that you discuss it with them. Any business transition might have some effect on you and your employees. This is also an important consideration if you have stakeholders or shareholders. 

Discussing such an important issue might help bring in some perspective. You’ll also want to inform your clients of such a move. Consider providing them with your new address as it will help to keep you in business and may also help to enhance customer relationships.


Setting Up And Settling In

Once the big move is over, it will be time to settle in. Unpacking can be tedious, especially if it’s a one-man’s job. This entails setting up your office appliances, storage tools, and whatnot. With additional hands, however, the entire process can be streamlined.


Hold An Open Day

Celebrate your efforts by organizing an office open day. Congratulate your employees by rewarding them with drinks and other eatables.

You might also consider inviting some of your trusted clients before you get started. A luncheon can do your business a lot of good, especially in your new location. 

It might take time to get used to the new environment but it will be worth it. Done right, an office move can be a great investment depending on your strategies. Once you’re done settling in, it’s time to consider forming and cultivating new alliances that will help you grow.


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