Online Advertising in 2023: Innovative Tactics and Platforms

Roshni Khatri

16th Aug'23
Online Advertising in 2023: Innovative Tactics and Platforms | OpenGrowth

Since around a decade ago, I have analyzed the most recent developments in digital marketing and predicted what the main trends would be in the coming year. The goal is to assist marketers and company owners in developing new marketing strategies, reviewing current budgetary expenditures, and creating plans. As companies evaluate strategies they may use to get an advantage by utilizing some of the most recent technology, there is usually a lot of interest. Thus it is crucial to know how to use the Internet in marketing as it plays a vital role in the entrepreneurial journey. 

To remain competitive and current in today's industry, it's essential to include the most recent advertising developments in your approach, regardless of your level of experience. Developing a successful firm is driven by a well-informed marketing plan. Today's consumers have quite different needs, wants, and expectations of brands than they had five years ago. The ever-changing landscape of digital marketing trends compels organizations to adjust their plans in response.


Innovative Advertising Tactics

If you're an internet advertiser looking to enhance your advertising plan and ROI, you need to be conscious of many technologies that can make things simpler. These applications are designed to help you stay organized and give you the freedom to change anything as you see fit. Here find some amazing advanced advertising techniques for 2023:

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are persons or other living or non-living things that are seen as reliable by an assortment of individuals who are typically referred to as "followers." Influencer marketing is the process of working with individuals to promote your company's name, goods, or services. In return, you give something in the shape of money, gifts, discounts, or other benefits. Influencers not only give companies reliability, but they also motivate consumers to make purchases.

Follower finding, connection and managing campaigns, ROI assessment, and follow-up are some of the influencer promotion sub-modules. Influencer advertising networks may offer entire solutions at affordable pricing, while many businesses run their social media campaigns themselves. It is one of the prime tools for online advertising in 2023. 


2. Mobile Marketing

Mobile advertisement must be the primary emphasis of every imaginative company. 68% of organizations had incorporated it into their whole marketing plan, according to the firm's Health of Marketing survey. Brands and marketers must take the hint from customers' addiction to their mobile devices and prioritize mobile marketing. If you want to stay in contact with your clients who are constantly on the go, a site for mobile devices is a basic need. Responsive website designs look nice across all screen sizes and resolutions. The principle of "less is more" is effective when applied to mobile websites. Users are intimidated by text-heavy websites. White space should also be used often. 



Videos and graphics leave a lasting impression on mobile users. They also hold the audience's interest for a longer amount of time and have a far greater effect than plain text. To appeal to various groups of viewers and platforms, you may combine audio, video, and text material. Besides this, you can also take the assistance of experiential marketing as it is an emerging trend and has a significant role in the advertising industry. 


3. Brand Storytelling

People purchase from people. Your brand cannot afford to remain a faceless, anonymous thing in the age of technology. The brand story combines a company's values, products, and narrative to evoke strong feelings in those listening. Ultimately, it creates a foundation of confidence between the company and its customers, fostering commitment and repeat business. If you discuss the path that creates your brand, it will stand out from those of your rivals. A corporation may more successfully develop trust if it is upfront about its fundamental concepts rather than boasting about its offerings. Coming up with innovative approaches to communicate the history of your business is of utmost importance. The key is to be sincere while transmitting an unambiguous message to those who listen. 


4. Chatbot Marketing Strategy

Robots are software applications that mimic human behavior and communication. Additionally to enhancing client experiences, chatbots offer enormous, unrealized marketing potential. Chatbots are admired for their streaming and always-available services. They enhance client satisfaction by promptly and individually answering customer queries. 

Enhanced bots incorporate speech and facial recognition capabilities, allowing users to inquire without the need to use a keyboard. Businesses are utilizing bots in novel ways. Visitors at Pizza Hut and Starbucks may place meals by speaking to bots. 


5. Voice Search

Your company has to be prepared to handle voice and search inquiries, which will account for a sizable portion of all mobile queries by 2023. In response to the pattern, Google debuted its Search by Photo function for visual queries and its Assistant feature for voice searches. Every progressive company must embrace the fad. Voice search offers an autonomous approach that customers adore. 


6. Marketing Automation

Simply explained, advertising automation is the act of automating repetitive tasks so that robots can carry them out instead of people. It includes a wide range of marketing operations, such as utilizing AI chatbots to answer consumer questions and delivering triggered emails to people who visit the site. The advantages of marketing automation are numerous. If your sales team is involved in lead generation and nurture of leads, they may be more productive. Some tools can offer coupons for discounts to customers who are about to commit. With offers that reflect these users' past purchasing or browsing behavior, they may reconnect with lost site visitors. 

Your contacts and prospects may be scored and segmented using business prospecting tools. More quality and sales-ready leads are sent to your sales staff. These instruments can identify patterns that the human eye would overlook. Aside from these tools, you should also know about the powerful MAC tools for digital marketers as they can enhance their entrepreneurial growth. 



To conclude, we can say that an ever-changing environment exists for marketers. If you want to outperform the competition and stand out from the other candidates, you must stay on top of trends. These cutting-edge strategies for digital marketing are supported by professional analysis and motivational examples. Select the approaches that fit your budget and get going. 

It's crucial to keep in mind substantially distinct tools that will work effectively for various firms depending on their particular objectives and target market. The key is to research and pinpoint the best tool pairings for your requirements. To adapt and take advantage of new possibilities as they present themselves, it's also critical to keep up with new trends and advances in the field of Internet marketing. 


OpenGrowth is constantly looking for innovative and trending start-ups in the ecosystem. If you want more information about any module of OpenGrowth Hub, let us know in the comment section below.

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