7 Online Magazines for Women Entrepreneurs

Roshni Khatri

22nd Feb'22


Women Entrepreneurship provides a global network of female entrepreneurs and business owners to the commercial world. These are the real change-makers who support and empower female entrepreneurship in society. To carry a balanced business, women need to reflect and inspire the rest of the world. They can do this by reading and sharing their own influencing story through online magazines. There are many online magazines, which are not just a collection of articles rather these are inspirational to every female business owner.

Women should read online magazines to explore the techniques of the commercial era. These magazines include articles that present the professional and personal lives and values of women. Besides this, the magazine provides information about foundations supporting women’s empowerment programs. Thus the online magazines are the pool of all the essential aspects related with the commercial world.


Online Magazines Help to turn the Business idea into Reality


To become a successful entrepreneur it is essential to make a plan or business idea. Online business magazines help females in executing their business ideas into reality. These magazines provide the platform for new startups. You can get all the necessary information from these magazines. These guide you to take the right step at the right time.  With this, you can have exposure to creative business profiles. Therefore online magazines are having a significant role in leading the business ahead.  If you are looking for a digital platform for women's business magazines to have a glance at their success stories, then you can have a look at these magazines.


1. Professional Women’s magazines


This magazine is a pool of information about the women who are working dedicatedly in their field. The magazine provides you with guidance about how you can establish your own business and take it towards success. The mission of the magazine is to show the path to success to every reader. The features of the magazine:

  • Working women in different fields
  • Information about growing the business
  • Latest Career trends in the professional sector
  •  Suggestions to operate a successful entrepreneurship 

With this, it has much more to do with education, career, business and finding a job.


  Online Magazine for Women Entrepreneurs


2. Her Magazine


Her Magazine is renowned for its contribution to society. The magazine is full of information and articles that offer business guidance and support to women. The magazine aims to provide a helping hand to its readers and especially to women entrepreneurs. The magazine involves the articles about:

  • Dynamic women entrepreneurs.
  • Guidance about growing the business.
  • Entrepreneurial policies that can influence women.
  • Latest Business information

Thus the magazine is full of useful resources. You can have full-fledged knowledge about the surrounding commercial world and business strategies.


3. Forbes Women


 Forbes is famous for its uniqueness. The magazine shows the stories and articles about women entrepreneurs who are balancing their work life and personal life. A woman has to fulfill professional as well as personal roles. She is a versatile actor, who fits in every position. Therefore Forbes Women is the best source of business information. The Magazine helps in financing  female business entrepreneurs. Women business owners get incredible knowledge from this.

The magazine is quarterly and is useful for professionals, entrepreneurs and service executives. The prime element of the magazine is that it is For women, by women and about women. The magazine includes:

  • Cultural issues in the current scenario
  • The methods which help in leading the business
  • Fiscal arrangements
  • Commercial and industrial trends
  • Technical News
  • Social values

The magazine is a hub of all the essential information required by a business tycoon. It helps in attaining business knowledge.


Online Magazines for Women Entrepreneurs


4. Women Entrepreneur


Women Entrepreneur is a platform to empower females. The magazine has the motive to inspire women entrepreneurs through success stories. You can learn how a great entrepreneur builds enterprises. The magazine helps you in becoming a game-changer.

You can get exposure to organizational techniques. The magazine influences the readers through motivational stories and articles. You can have information about:

  • How to expand the business
  • Tricks to start a new venture
  • Latest strategies to be implemented in the business
  • Insights about what other entrepreneurs do or not do
  • Techniques to create the wealth

The magazine has versatile topics and articles for business ladies. You can have both professional and personal exposure.


5. YFS Magazine


This magazine is for start-ups, new ventures, small businesses and business culture. It is one of the largest small business digital channels. The magazine aims to promote small and new start-ups. It is a pool of business information used by young and dynamic entrepreneurs.

The magazine is about small businesses, lifestyle, marketing tools, sales strategies, social media and human capital. The magazine has an audience of young adults. It includes the articles and stories about:

  • Culture of Entrepreneurship
  • Trends for New Ventures
  • Lifestyle
  • Human Resource Management
  • Long term growth strategies
  • Pop Culture

Thus the magazine helps attain a brief about the small business and entrepreneurial culture.


Online Magazine for Women Entrepreneurs


6. The Everygirl


The Everygirl is a perfect magazine for you if you are ambitious about your dreams. The magazine helps women entrepreneurs in growing their names in online media. It provides best women empowerment workshop business ideas too. It offers detailed information about career profiles, managing the accounts and funds, following the style.

The magazine is about creative and career-oriented females. It is a combo of success stories and features of successful women entrepreneurs from every region of the world. So if you are looking for a dream job, have to make a down payment, travel the world or invest the sum, in every case the magazine is useful for you. It includes:

  • Career and Fiancé
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Latest trends in Business of style and wellness
  • Financial investments
  • Travel and Relationships

The magazine can guide you in almost every field in which you have the dream to enrol. This gives you a complete insight into the latest fashion and beauty trends. Women who want to pursue a career in the creative field should read this online magazine.


7. Bizwomen Magazine


Like any other start-up, you worry that you are on the right track or not. Being an entrepreneur you have to be sensed of the needs of society. Besides this, the product or service should be user-friendly and professional. The Bizwomen Magazine helps you to start your career journey.

The Magazine provides information about initiating a business. With this, it also shows the ways and techniques to achieve the goals. The online magazines provide insight into empowering women globally. You can explore your entrepreneurial knowledge by reading business articles. The magazine includes the articles about:

  • Organizational Support mechanism
  • Focus on the thoughts of being a women entrepreneur
  • Business observations
  • Techniques to promote the business digitally

The magazine is about the commercial and business growth of female entrepreneurs. It assists in tracking the current and future position of your business and career.



Resourceful study material can provide you with detailed information about the business. For a successful entrepreneur, it is required to focus on all sides of the market. As far as women entrepreneurs are concerned these are the key to social and cultural upliftment. The online magazines of women entrepreneurs are essential for the growth and development of female business owners. You should read the online women entrepreneur magazine to increase your business knowledge. Besides this, these magazines can fill you with enthusiasm by inspirational success stories of female business tycoons.


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