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Everyone these days is talking about online learning, the disruption it has caused for teachers, parents and students as the school day walked online, the struggles confronting districts without the resources and knowhow to change classrooms into a virtual format, families who lack credible internet connections and the bandwidth essential to support home schooling, and the vastly recent trend of students, parents and teachers completely calling it quits on the remainder of the new school year and glancing towards fall.


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The Advantage Of Online School

The COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges we have encountered globally to benefit learning have also, once again, given rise to light crucial injustices in the opportunities accessible to young people who have access to high-speed internet and those who do not. 

There are also silver linings arising that have the right to our awareness. A culture shift is underway. Historians will no doubt look back on this time as the time in which we shifted into the virtual world more fully than we had at any moment before. This shift will provoke chances that forever shift the way young people take in data, interact with one another, and engage in the nation. Ready or not, educators, parents and students have been shove into a global pilot. They are researching with modern models of online learning and education, testing a spectrum of digital platforms to relate with one another. And this learning isn’t just occurring inside the traditional classroom hierarchy.

This learning is happening amongst librarians, after school program managers and a host of population organizations that strive to serve young people wherever they are. As students and teachers come jointly to learn more on how to go about this unique recourse, relationships are being bolstered. 


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This article explains the recent scenario of how digital learning goes mainstream in a rush and that's going to upend existing education practices, models, and processes going ahead. 


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