7 Outfits That Will Glam Up Your Look This Festive Season 

7 Outfits That Will Glam Up Your Look This Festive Season  | OpenGrowth

‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,’ Anonymous. 

Dressing up during the holiday season is something we all look forward to. Every year, we plan to choose the outfit we want to wear for Christmas and New Year. But, choosing the proper attire to celebrate festivals is a hard thing to do. There is a thin line between too much and not enough when choosing your outfit for a festive season. You can also try these 9 Festive Makeup Looks To Try This Season.  

The last thing you want is someone pointing out the mismatch of your outfits. So, here we are giving you some suggestions on some classy yet comfortable outfits you can choose this holiday season. 


7 Classy and Comfortable Outfits to Wear this Festivity 


  • All Black Outfit 

Black always creates an oomph. It looks classy, helps you look thinner, and is always the first choice among women when choosing a color. A plain black traditional one-piece or an off-shoulder or cold shoulder mini dress is something that will make you look simple yet gorgeous. You can pair them with a set of diamond earrings and let your hair loose. An overcoat with some high heels will be a cherry on the cake. 


Outfits that will glam your look this festival season


  • Camouflage with festive Colors 

If you want to keep it warm and cozy, there be it. To keep you warm, you can choose a pain red or a designed red sweater - turtle neck, full sleeves. You elevate the sleeves to your elbows to get the right look. You can pair these with a satin emerald green skirt, either knee-length or full skirt with a slit. Style these with square-toe classy, elegant boots. You can keep it black or grey. You can put on dark red lipstick to exude elegance. 


  • Retro Style 

If you want to try something different, you can opt for the retro-style outfit. This style goes well even if you are a plus size. You can choose a golden knee-length dress or a full-length golden down with a golden band on your head. You can pair them with some matty gold danglings. An emerald green velvet overcoat will just look fine. 

If you do not wish to go for a dress, you can go for a shimmery two-piece. A ruffled cuff, statement collar, and matching pants. A plain flat sneaker will go with this look. It will make you comfortable yet stylish. A lipgloss or nude lipstick is a perfect match. 


  • Keep it Simple 

Deciding a perfect outfit for a celebration is always a challenge. Sometimes you do not want to get all ducked up and dressed but just want to keep it simple. You can choose a blood-red dress with simple red ruby earrings. If you wish to add some poise to this simple attire, you can choose a dress with a graceful scoop neckline that appropriately shows off your decolletage. To complete the look opt for lightweight sole slippers. They are easy to wear and comfortable to carry. Dark red lipstick, smudge-proof makeup and loose hair will complete your look for the day. 


  • Casual Denim

If you are not the skirt and the dress type, denim is for you. You can either carry your denim with a plain white silk shirt or a top along with a denim jacket. Complete your look with high white heels. If that's too much to carry, settle on a simple turtle neck sweater tucked in with your demons. Tie a high ponytail and complete your look with large-sized rings in your ears. Depending on your comfort, you can either go for casual sneakers or high heels. 


Outfits that will glam your look this festival season


  • Go Monochromatic 

Are you not much of a color freak when it comes to dresses? Well, you can also go all cream this festive season. Men-styled trousers, a high rise fit running loose at the bottom, and a cozy sweater with a coat. Pair these with some silver and gold mixed large studs. You can either opt for simple formal shoes or some high heels for the evening with eco-friendly handbags. These make you look graceful and elegant. 


  • Long Gowns 

Gowns are the best deal when you decide on a classy festive party. Choose a gown, dark-colored, either wine or emerald green, navy blue with some diamond jewelry. Do not overshine. Keep the jewels to simple earrings and a bracelet. Slim-fit long-cut gowns are the trend. They add to the oomph along with being graceful. Add heels and tie your hair high, preferably in a messy bun. If you are not confident of carrying a slim fit, you can settle for ball gowns. 



Your outfit makes your personality either shine or gloom. The right set of clothes makes you feel confident. However, eventually, an outfit of your comfort will make you feel free and confident. This is all you need for a lovely festive celebration. 


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