Pandemic: A boon to Streaming Services


24th Jul'20

Over the years, a drastic shift has been observed in the content we used to watch before and the content we watch now. Both the content and the medium has seen an immense shift. 

Before people loved to spend plenty of hours watching television, going to theatres, spending hours and hours watching the same movie. But now the time has changed, people want to watch short movies, YouTube videos and various short duration motion pictures.


Short Movies: A new favourite


There is an increasing interest in short storylines that carry substance and leaves a lot for the audience's assumption. Short movies and videos are turning out to be a new favourite for the audience around the globe. The reach of such content is much more than the traditional content. 

In today’s generations, every individual is dependent on technology with no time for self. They prefer watching movies on different online broadcast such as Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. The number of short film audience has increased on the next level. People love watching such contents.

Here are some of the links which will give you insights about this shift:


Video on demand


Video on demand (VOD) is a media distribution system that allows users to access videos without a traditional video playback device and constraints of a typical static broadcasting schedule.

Unlike television broadcast, video of demand system initially required each user to have an internet connection with considerable bandwidth to access each system's content.

During this pandemic situation, when there is a complete lockdown, no socialising, no interaction internet, video, short films etc has turned to be only entertainment package for everyone.

Click on the link below to read more on the future of video on demand:


Media consumption in the age of Covid-19


With the outbreak of Covid-19, social distancing, self- isolation, quarantine, lockdown and least interaction is now the new normal. People are completely locked in their homes and eventually, media is the only source of entertainment left.

In about 3-4 months, the usage of media has increased drastically. Media consumption in the age of Covid-19 has been a boon to streaming services. People are completely reliant on the internet, online streaming services, video on demand, short films and YouTube to spend their time. 

To read more about the media consumption in the age of Covid-19, click on the link below:

Click on the link to read about the changes in media consumption in the age of Covid-19 around the globe:


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