Passive Investing: What It Is and How It Works

Roshni Khatri

25th Mar'22
Passive Investing: What It Is and How It Works | OpenGrowth

Earnings, Savings, Investments and Revenues are simultaneous activities that flow in a direction. 

Have you ever traded in securities? I am sure you probably would say yes as it is very common to invest your sums in the financial markets. But what if you hold these for just a few months and then again resale them? Then you won’t have the access to the higher returns. And the reason is “higher the risk and higher the revenues”.

But it is ok for beginners to invest the funds in short-term securities as they might get an insight into the market trends and returns. With this, once they will get the confidence then they can invest in the long run securities also. There are many tips for beginners to invest in the stock market. With this there are several investment strategies to invest your sums in financial markets but here we will discuss passive investments. 

To understand passive investing you have to follow the phrase “Slow and steady wins the race”. Did you get my point! Yeah, it is like investing your sums in securities or derivatives markets and holding those for a longer duration.

 I know what you are thinking! There must be more risk in it, right?

But the rule of investments in the securities relies upon the risk. The more you are capable of bearing the risk the more you would have the returns. Well, let’s start with passive investments and their working practices!


What are Passive Investments?

Passive investments are those investing policies where you hold the securities for a longer period. This works on “invest and holds philosophy”. It is a forward investing policy that shows you a clear and direct path rather than investing in short-term plans or buying and selling securities frequently. 

In short, the passive investors bet on the markets steadily rather than trying to beat the market. So it is a frequent transaction that allows above-average returns to the investors. In other words, passive investments require time and money initially and it is also subject to taxes.


Passive Investing


How does it work?

Passive investments work in three segments, each of those has its working practices and policies. The prime mediums of passive investments are as under:

Lower Level

This option is available for those who are very busy and want to generate more revenues. Like buying a machine and selling the products through it without any seller. With this, if you have your car then you can use it for your passive investments. Want to know how?

Let me explain to you if you buy a car or own a car then you can dispatch the advertising logos and stickers on it so that you can generate money from them. Besides this, you can use your credit cards in grocery stores, traveling, restaurants, and many more places to get refunded money or cashback incentives. Well, you can earn between 1 to 5% refund amounts.

Medium Level

It has a broader scope than the lower level, it includes some important elements such as lending the property and earning from it. Some important tools of it are described as under:

  • You can buy an entity and hand it over to someone else to run it. But it requires you to do proper research of the business and doing business before getting indulge in such activity. 

  • You can earn through passive investment by renting your car or house, but initially, you will have to spend some money on the renovation of those and then your passive earning will start. 

  • This applies to technical skills or websites also, as if you have some skill in any specific field then you can create an online course to teach others.

  • Investing in real estate.

  • Buying the shares from the stock exchange and looking for a profit-making scheme. 

Higher Level

Here you can create your channel on social media and use it to teach the skills to others or provide knowledge and information to other people. You can sell the products and ideas through the internet or create an app to generate revenues for several years.

Thus these are some ideas of passive investing modes, you can use any of these at your convenience. With this you can follow the investment strategies during a downturn in the economy, this will protect your savings, returns and investments. 


Passive Investing


Prime Modes of Passive Investing

Well,l if you are investing for a longer duration then surely you are a passive investor but a passive portfolio includes some different types of investments like index funds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Thus these funds usually do not hold single securities like stocks or bonds, rather these investments seek to diversify across many individual holdings. 

It can be understood by this that a fund can be invested in multiple equities in specific markets such as large-cap, U.S. stock, or any international market. So the breakdown of these investments can be:

  • Mutual Funds: When you are investing the funds in this mode then the company in which you are investing will sell or buy the bonds and securities in your name. So in short it is a combo of professional management and diversification.

  • Index Funds: these can be a mutual fund or ETF any investment that will track the performance of an index. This scheme has enabled many individual investors to consider adding the index funds to their portfolios over an ETF. Some popular index funds are Vanguard Growth Index (VIGRX) and the Fidelity 500 index (FXAIX).

  • Exchange-Traded Funds: these are similar to mutual funds and are traded on a stock exchange like a share. A variety of the above two investing approaches can be considered in this investing mode, however, they are more preferred than mutual funds from a passive investing perspective.

Thus these are some common passive investing, modes in which you can invest and hold the securities for a longer duration. This will surely work for you to earn higher revenues.


Passive Investing


Highlights and Challenges of Passive Investing

Every investment strategy has its pros and cons so passive investing also has. Those who want to invest safely can use this mode of investment. Some prime highlights and challenges of passive investing are described as under:


  • As far as passive investing is concerned there is a lower tax bill and the reason is the long-term capital gain tax that results from the owned property for more than one year and is levied upon passive investors with long-term horizons. The investor will have to pay a capital gain tax of 0%, 15%, or 20%, it is based on the taxable income of the investor. 

  • Passive investments follow the market trends so the chances of losing the investment assets are low in the long run. 

  • With this in passive investing, there is frequent buying and selling of the stocks and the fees are low. It directly indicates that you will have to pay less to your management from your returns and it is a good sign for you.

  • When you choose the option to trade in the securities individually then it is completely in your hand to hold, buy or sell those but when it comes to the mutual funds or ETF then there are the professionals who manage your funds. And this will reap you more rewards of strong diversification and assets allocation. 


  • Passive investing is not a good option for those who want complete discretion over their portfolio. 

  • A passive portfolio usually contains the majority of funds that are controlled by the fund managers, so while the performance of the funds dictates your returns eventually, investing decisions are not under your control. In other words, due to customization and flexibility, passive investors feel like they are not involved in the management of their portfolios.

  • Passive investing has lower returns than the strategies that look to beat the market through stock pricing and recurring trading, this results in slow and sustained growth.


Investing Tips

Well, you can invest in active or passive funds as well as in short-run and long-run schemes also. Passive investments help you in personal wealth management too, as you can generate revenues and create wealth from those. But here are some basic investing tips that you can consider before investing your funds. These are as under: 

  • Many financial investors prefer to invest in passive mode and the reason is finding the right advisor as per your comfort. Smart assets with financial advisors are the core part of passive investing that enables you to invest your funds in it. 

  • Those who are not having enough funds to invest can take the assistance of Robo advisors as these are less expensive and provide the best financial assistance. They provide investing guidance through mutual funds, ETF and index fund investing modes. In short, in the Robo community, passive investing is the centerpiece. 



Passive investing is the best tool for those who are not in a hurry,  can invest for the long haul and have the patience to earn the returns. As we know the returns depend upon the market and its fluctuations. But in the long run, it is quite sure that the market would go up and this reflects the higher revenues on your investments. There is lower risk and cost in passive investing.

You can go for it, as I also invest in passive investments and I am a bit satisfied with the returns, risks and cost aspects. You can go for it if you have to invest for a longer period. This tool is favorable for beginners also.

I hope the article satisfied your concerns about investing in passive investment tools. For more details and information regarding financial perspectives get in touch with us! 

We at OpenGrowth, are committed to keeping you updated with the best content on the latest trendy topics from any major field. Also, both your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. So, do share them in the comment section below.

A keen observer, who loves to spend time with nature. A fun loving person, enjoys to explore the new aspects of life. Passionate about reading and learning new things. Roshni is dedicated towards her work and has worked in different professions.


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