9th Apr'20

Performance Improvement Plan


A Performance Improvement Plan (or PIP as it is commonly known) is a process frequently used by the organization when the employee either fails to meet expected job performance or any behavioral concerns (Minor conduct). It is usually set out in writing for the Team Member to acknowledge and accept the assigned task for further performance improvement.

It recounts the progressive actions the management may take when an employee's performance or any other concerning behavior is found unsatisfactory, i.e. does not meet the performance or competency expected of the position.

Every employee has the potential to bring value to the table and a performance improvement plan extends another chance to take ownership of their actions and an organization's role to be transparent for sharing the feedback.

Objective and Why it is important?

The objective of the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is to help the employee understand the performance gaps observed. Also to address & resolve the performance issues in a timely manner
To improve the performance level of employee
It can identify the gap between actual performance and the desired level of performance
To provide an adequate description of the area where improvement is required
To initiate action steps that an employee might take to correct performance including identification of training and other resources available
To provide the timeline for necessary improvements and to provide a statement of action to be taken if the expected level of improvement is not achieved.

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