Plant Based Tuna

Plant Based Tuna

Meat alternatives are evolving in popularity as consumers request more options. Now, plant-based fish is set to be the another vegan trend, and companies are reacting with new products that mimic seafood. Consumers and companies need to contemplate is the capacity to earn plant-based fish shelf-stable.


Plant-Based Fish


The coronavirus outbreak has shown a require for healthy, affordable, nonperishable items that households can hoard. Plant-based fish is a vegan trend that will not vanish soon.

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Plant-Based Fish Is the New Vegan Trend

A Japanese merchant and chef named Yunosuke Aoki returns to the city with his wife and child, after a year fleeing U.S. bombings, to find his home decimated. To know more, Click Here

Vegan seafood: The next plant-based meat trend? 

Faux seafood isn’t entirely new, but products are limited and many of those that have been available so far have been underwhelming and undermarketed. To read more, Click Here


Startups In the Plant Based Fish

Plant-based fish maker Good Catch put up $8.7 million to broaden its line of faux tuna, crab cakes and extra, as the public embraces plant-based fish with tremendous excitement. Nestle’s announced it is about to inaugurate a plant-based tuna product, which will reportedly be on shelves later this year. Gardein also gives rise to a fishless filet and is a good illustration of a company getting bought out.

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Plant-based tuna aims to be the future of fish:

Vegan food company Good Catch has created a version of albacore tuna said to look and taste just like the real thing without using any fish. It’s the latest alternative food product to take a bite out of the $13.7 billion plant based industry. To read more, Click Here

Plant-Based Sustainable Tuna Launches In Tesco's Tuna Aisle

The Good Catch brand was created by chef brothers Derek and Chad Sarno – who also co-created Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen vegan range. To read more, Click Here 


What’s in Trend?

San Francisco-based startup Kuleana has earned sushi-grade, plant-based raw tuna with iron, algae oil, and several proteins, using a proprietary procedure to build the taste and texture of raw fish.

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San Francisco-based startup Kuleana has made sushi-grade, plant-based raw tuna with iron, algae oil, and various proteins, using a proprietary process to create the taste and texture of raw fish. To read more, Click Here


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