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Prominent Types and Roles of Business Incubators

Roshni Khatri

29th Oct'22
Prominent Types and Roles of Business Incubators | OpenGrowth

When we plant a flower we need some key ingredients. The first is the rich and fertile soil to nurture a seed and the next is water as it helps to cultivate the plants. In the same way, business incubators also play a vital role in grooming a venture. A startup company can use business incubation to take a concept or business idea and turn it into a reality. 


Business incubation, according to the International Business Innovation Association (IBIA), is the process of guiding start-up businesses through crucial stages of development until they are self-sufficient. In other words, business incubators give entrepreneurs the resources and tools they need to be successful. 


In this article, we are going to explore the prime kinds of incubators and the resources provided by them for nurturing your business. 


Four Prime Kinds of Incubators

There are prime types of business incubators every entrepreneur should know as it can bring more benefits to your business. With this an incubator's major responsibility is to foster entrepreneurship and serve as a pillar of economic growth. The government has prioritized technological development and advancement in emerging technologies. They prioritize creative and fast-growing enterprises in their economic strategy. 


Roles of Incubators


In this post, we identify the major incubators that are essential to startup ecosystem development, business growth, and long-term value creation. In below some prime types of incubators are described:

  • Government

  • University backed

  • Corporate

  • Private



Roles and Functions of Incubators

Following are the roles and functions of the above-mentioned incubators:

Government Supported Incubators

The government-supported incubation programs provide online learning with dedicated research parks, incubators and start-ups across the nation. The prime feature of funds is to help the startups to access the funding. 


The initiative's main focus is on creating an ecosystem where entrepreneurs may scale successfully using tools like online startup recognition. The government-based incubators also provide patent filing, easy compliance norms, incubators support and innovation-focused programs for addressing regulatory issues.



The private incubators work through internal design; the projects are prototyped and put through pilot testing. Some of the firms that have been incubated are in the fields of retail, machine learning, and mobile banking.



Corporate incubators usually support technology initiatives and startups. This project also counts Google for Entrepreneurs as a founding partner. It offers important mentoring and Google training materials for scaling firms internationally.


Startups can connect with important stakeholders through funding, acceleration, mentoring, and enterprise. 


University Backed Incubators

By organizing the systems to promote entrepreneurial culture and launch new enterprises, colleges advance in the field of entrepreneurship. The goals of today's colleges have undergone a paradigm shift from education to a pre-focused approach to entrepreneurship, research, and economic growth. 


University business incubators (UBIs) offer a better setting for generating income and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between universities, corporate sponsors, the government, and society on all relevant legal and technological fronts. 


Roles of Incubators


Roles of Business Incubators for Communities

One reason the business model has endured and keeps evolving is the significance of business incubators for regional economies and global trade. With this you should also learn about the metrics that make a successful incubator as it would provide you more exposure. Programs for incubators provide everything from job creation to significant innovation. 


Creates the Employment Opportunities

Programs for business incubation lead to increased employment. For this reason, a lot of institutions of higher learning provide their students with access to company incubation programs. 


Accelerate Economic Development

In addition to producing jobs, incubators promote economic growth across a range of sectors. Small businesses might not be able to get off the ground without access to crucial resources, mentorship, and education. Change is sparked by local economic development incubators. 


Fosters a Mindset of Innovation and Growth 

Innovative environments for ground-breaking research and technology are provided through incubators. For instance, under the guidance of professionals at Shift Pixy Labs, chefs can test out new recipes or ghost kitchen ideas. 


Role of Business Incubators for Start-Ups

According to the National Business Incubation Association, business incubators serve as networking hubs that are turbocharged to support the success of young enterprises. This progressive attitude typically has several advantages. 


Other Financial Perks

Business incubators can assist start-up businesses in reducing operating expenses. This may prevent the provision of a shared physical space or kitchen. 


While in the incubator, entrepreneurs don't have to worry as much about money. Startups may occasionally even acquire assistance with marketing or start-up funding. Management teams need to concentrate on refining their business concept in this way.


Access to Funding

Let's face it; a lack of funding is what prevents new enterprises from succeeding. Without the support of a business incubator, it might be difficult for someone to obtain funding and loans. 


Startups receive accountability and credibility from business incubators that might not otherwise exist. Additionally, incubators might put entrepreneurs in touch with angel investors and investment banks. 


Provides Valuable Guidance and Advice

Mentorship and management training are two of the most important services provided by business incubators. Mentors can aid in the development of a product or service's viability. 


It demonstrates technology use, creates marketing plans, and competes for customers in new enterprises. Business incubators offer invaluable support and expertise. 


Connects the People Together

Business incubators give access to industry experts and networking possibilities. Building these kinds of connections is challenging for numerous firms, not just those in the incubator. 


Some incubators also have cohorts of people working in related fields. Entrepreneurs can grow together in this way by sharing resources. When everyone is working toward the same objective in a focused but transforming environment, there is something wonderful happening. 


Access to Higher Education Resources

A business incubator places a strong emphasis on management and personnel training. Incubators follow a predetermined curriculum for each stage of the incubation process. 


Roles of Incubators


Entrepreneurs have to go through several trials by the management team. The startup leaves the incubator once they complete these tasks. The management team is more prepared for success thanks to the education, training, and abilities acquired while in an incubator.


Offer A Safe Place to Experiment

Any new venture is an experiment to determine what will succeed and what won't. However, this "experimentation" might not be free. You risk squandering time and money. You run out of money before you understand your errors. 


But the best place to experiment is at a company incubator. Incubators are the place to bounce ideas off experts, take a chance, and discover if that crazy concept can pay off if you have a crazy idea but aren't convinced it will work. 



Incompetence in business management, money handling, and human resource management, and a lack of interpersonal and people skills frequently have an impact on how well business incubators perform. 

Well, business incubators play a significant role in nurturing and developing a venture plan. With this it is important to make the most out of business accelerator programs to enrich the goal.


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