Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive


14th Apr'22
Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive | OpenGrowth

Positive culture comes from being mindful, and respecting your co-workers, and being empathetic.” - Biz Stone. 

Before we start, give me an answer to a question. Why do people choose to quit jobs? Different people have different answers to this question, but the most common answer is high-pressure and toxic work culture. Isn’t it? According to the American Psychological Association, “ More than $500 billion is siphoned off from the U.S. economy because of workplace stress, and 500 million workdays are lost each year due to stress on the job.”

It is also estimated that stress causes sixty percent to eighty percent of workplace accidents and more than eighty percent of doctor visits. Huh, it is a real problem! 

As CEOs, leaders, professionals, and business owners, we are always looking to create a positive working culture. However, if employees are not working on time, it is a sign that something is fishy in the working culture. Do you know that positive work culture can do miracles? A working culture directly impacts your business growth. Wanna know how? Read the blog to get your answer. Here we go! 


What is a Positive Work Culture? 

Positive work culture is an atmosphere that affects the staff’s growth and mindset. It helps employees feel satisfied and stay loyal to their company. By establishing a positive work culture, organizations can help their employees feel comfortable and safe in the workplace. 


Positive work


Benefits of Positive work Culture 

Positive work culture has ample benefits. Here we have listed a few of them.


Boosts Productivity  

Maintaining a happy working environment helps employees feel encouraged and finish their work on time. This helps to produce a higher quality of work leading to organizational growth. 


Good for Health

A toxic workplace gives birth to poor health conditions, ranging from physical to mental and emotional stress. Creating a positive work culture can reduce the stress and health issues of employees. 


Grows Mindset 

Mindset matters for success! Organizations with a positive work culture encourage employees to grow their skills to help them achieve career advancement. They also provide employees with the tools they need to grow, like mentorship and development seminars. 


Employee Engagement 

Happy employees in a positive work culture work hard, focus more, and get more engaged in the work they are assigned. Unhappy employees are always stressed and tend to disengage, impacting productivity and the workplace environment. 


Increases Collaboration 

Positive work culture helps employees collaborate among themselves without any hesitation. This helps them to make new friends, build professional relationships, and grow their network. 


How does a Positive Work Culture Look? 

Positive work culture has many noticeable factors. They are: 

  • Having a productive atmosphere.

  • Clear communication between the members of an organization.

  • No politics in the workplace. 

  • Giving or receiving effective feedback.

  • Compassionate team members with a level of respect for each other. 

  • Encouragement of employees seeking to grow and learn new skills. 

  • Positive thinking and increased employee productivity. 

  • A healthy balance between personal and professional lives. 


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How to Create a Positive Work Culture? 

To build a positive work culture, it is important to set some boundaries in the organization. The core values of your organization must be the foundation of everything happening at your company. As a leader, you have to dedicate time to ensure that everything is aligned. Your organization's culture will directly impact the growth of your company. Therefore, here we have got some tips you can opt for to create a positive work culture. 


Have an Open Communication 

Remember, communication can make or break a leader. Therefore, try to communicate openly with members of your organization to promote a healthy work environment. You can ask for feedback and also give them effective feedback for their performances. Communication will make the employees feel more comfortable and it will make it easy for them to confront their issues and problems. 


Provide Positive Reinforcement 

It is a way to praise employees for their hard work and dedication. Positive reinforcement can help foster a positive work culture. You can:

  • Offer monetary bonuses to the employees working selflessly for your organization or to employees that achieve success in their positions would be a great gesture. 

  • Offer catered lunches and provide a collective reward to encourage communication between the employees. 

  • Offer pay raise to the employees showing consistent progress with high quality of work. 


Hire Great Team Members 

You must have the quality to identify a smart person. Therefore, hire great team members for your organization and never be afraid to let the bad ones go. Make sure the employees in your organization are professional and team players. Toxic people not only affect the work culture but also the customers.  


Allow Humor 

Don’t be like  Hitler to your employees. Allowing humor will help you to make a stressful situation more lighthearted. As Dale Carnegie, an American writer and lecturer, once said, “ People rarely succeed unless they are having fun doing  what they are doing.” It helps to:

  • Lighter mood.

  • Reduce stress.

  • Improve mental health. 

  • Build relationships.


Positive work cultures are productive



It is said that pressure and stress push employees to perform better and faster, but we fail to recognize the hidden repercussions. Therefore, it is important to create a positive work culture. It will help you to attract new employees, and make them loyal leaders by bringing out their best strengths. When an organization develops a positive work culture, it certainly increases its level and achieves its goals on time. Remember, positive work culture is not developed overnight. You have to listen to your employees, have fun, value them, and encourage them, and it will take shape. Your effort to create a positive culture will be worth it!  


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